Where to Find the Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors

The Antidote Relic on the Whiteout bonus stage.

Version 1.7.0 of Vampire Survivors has been released, introducing a brand-new Relic known as “Antidote” that players can now obtain. To add this Relic to your inventory, you’ll need to locate it within the recently introduced stage called “Whiteout.” To assist you in your quest to find the Antidote Relic, consult our comprehensive where to find the Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors guide below.

Antidote Relic Location in Whiteout Stage

Location of the Antidote Relic on the Whiteout bonus stage in Vampire Survivors.
The Antidote Relic is directly south of the starting spawn.

To obtain the Antidote Relic in Vampire Survivors, your first step is unlocking the Whiteout Stage. Once you’ve successfully unlocked this stage, initiate a run on this special bonus level.

Discovering the Relic is a straightforward process. Starting from your initial spawn point, head southward, passing the Spinach item until you arrive at a cave entrance. Proceed into the cave to access a small chamber where you’ll spot the Antidote Relic waiting for you.

To secure the Relic, just approach it, and your character will automatically retrieve and add it to your inventory.

What Does the Antidote Relic Do in Vampire Survivors

In Vampire Survivors, the Antidote Relic has a straightforward and vital purpose. Acquiring and collecting this Relic triggers the activation of a PowerUp known as “Defang,” which imparts the following effects:

Enemies spawn unable to deal damage 3% of the times per rank (max 15%).

Similar to other PowerUps in the game, you must acquire the various levels by investing your Gold in them on the PowerUp selection screen accessible through the main menu.

The Antidote Relic isn’t the sole unlockable feature in the Whiteout bonus stage. Players also have the opportunity to discover a new weapon known as the Glass Fandango and unlock a new character called She-Moon Eeta. To gain insights on how to obtain these, refer to the respective guides dedicated to unlocking them.

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