How to Unlock Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors

A screenshot from the Vampire Survivors Whiteout stage.

Patch 1.7.0 for Vampire Survivors is here, and it brings an exciting addition – the Whiteout stage, which players can unlock. As with previous stages in the game, unlocking it involves completing a specific objective. For assistance in achieving this, check out our guide on how to unlock the Whiteout stage in Vampire Survivors below.

Pickup 20 Orologions in Vampire Survivors

The Orologion item in Vampire Survivors.
The Orologion item is the pickup that looks like a watch.

Unlocking the Whiteout stage requires you to collect a total of 20 Orologion items during your playthrough. Orologion, which is the time-freezing clock item, is one of the potential pickups that can be found from light sources after reaching Level 4. Your character’s Luck stat affects the likelihood of obtaining Orologion.

For beginners in the game, the Inlaid Library map proves to be an excellent location to find Orologion items. Both the upper and lower sections of this map feature destructible light sources. Eliminate these light sources and gather their drops until you’ve amassed a total of 20 Orologion items.

Whiteout stage unlocked after a run in Vampire Survivors.
Upon collecting 20 Orologions you unlock the Whiteout stage.

After you’ve collected the necessary pickups, you can either finish your current run or exit it. Upon exiting the stage, you’ll receive a notification indicating that you’ve successfully unlocked the Whiteout stage. This unlocks the stage, hyper mode, and the Extra: Whiteout achievement.

If you’re a seasoned player, chances are you’ve already accumulated the required 20 Orologion items to access the stage. In this case, you can initiate a new run and exit it to trigger the stage unlock.

How to Start the Whiteout Stage in Vampire Survivors

After you’ve collected all 20 Orlogion and unlocked the Whiteout stage, make your way to the stage select screen. Scroll down to the bonus & challenges stage section. In this section you will find Whiteout with a ! symbol beside it. This stage has the following description:

Artic mirages and a slow, constant snowstorm make this great glacier a hostile environment. Nonetheless, the myths of a powerful weapon, a mysterious potion, and a cursed woman who hates hot springs, make for strong lures.

This bonus map contains the new Antidote Relic to find, a new Weapon, Glass Fandango, and its evolution, and a character to unlock called She-Moon.

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