How to Unlock The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors

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Patch 0.5.1 of Vampire Survivors released late Sunday night. This new patch added a few new things to the game including a new, hard Challenge Stage called The Bone Zone. Like other stages in the game you need to unlock this stage. To learn how to unlock The Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors see our guide below.

How to Unlock The Bone Zone Stage

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Unlocking The Bone Zone is super simple. The game provides an achievement detailing the unlock conditions. Depending on where you are in the game will determine how you unlock it. Basically all you need to do is unlock Hyper mode in 3 normal stages. This means the following depending on if you have/haven’t done it already:

  1. Haven’t Unlocked Hyper: Each Stage has a special boss fights that triggers around 24/25 minute mark. Defeat each of theses bosses in three normal stages to unlock The Bone Zone. The achievement will pop on the third unlock and so will the stage.
  1. Have Unlocked Hyper: If you’ve already unlocked Hyper mode on three Stages The Bone Zone will not appear when you login. To get it to appear start a run. Exit the run and the achievement and stage will unlock for you.

Once you have the stage unlocked you will find it on the Stage Select screen. This screen gives details on what the stage is all about. The stage’s description is “Come over here and say your unholy vespers.” This challenge stage has an achievement tied to it called Skip 3 which tasks you with surviving 30 minutes in The Bone Zone.

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