How to Unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors

The developers of Vampire Survivors like to pepper their game with secrets. Recently they released a new update that contains two new secret characters players can unlock. One of these characters is Toastie. Toastie is a ghost like Exdash. Learn how to unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors below.

What to Do to Unlock Toastie

Unlocking Toastie is a bit of a challenge since it can be easy to miss. What you need to do to get this character is play a run that spawns Green Death. This enemy has a 30% chance to spawn at minute 8 and minute 12 of a run. Once you have a run where Green Death does spawn you need to kill it. To do this I recommend running the Dairy Plant level as you can use the minecarts to kill this enemy. Alternatively you can use the Rosary pickup or to defeat this enemy.

Once Green Death is defeated you need to watch the bottom right corner of your screen. Toastie will appear here for like a brief second. At this point you need to correctly input a specific button combination:

  • Keyboard: Arrow Down + Enter.
  • Controller: Down + Start.

If inputted correctly you will hear an unlock jingle sound. This sound indicates that you’ve unlocked Toastie. Complete your run or exit out. Go to the Character Selection screen and Toastie will be next to Exdash.

Toastie is similar to Exdash in character design. She looks like a pink ghost. She starts with the Peachone weapon. Interestingly this character starts with 1 HP and gains additional bonuses at Levels 100 + 200.

This character is one of many characters players can unlock in the game. See our Vampire Survivors character list for details on each how to unlock each of the characters in the game.

Thoughts on our how to unlock Toastie in Vampire Survivors guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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