Golden Walnuts Unlocks on Ginger Island – Stardew Valley

On the Ginger Island there is a new item you can find called Golden Walnuts. These items are used to advance the main story with Leo and to unlock various aspects of the island for use. If you want to see all of the Golden Walnuts unlocks in Stardew Valley you’ve come to the right place. See the list below for everything you can unlock with the Golden Walnuts.

Befriend Leo and His Parrot When You Arrive

Image showing befriending Leo and his parrot.
Parrot gives hints to player.

Note: The parrot will give you hints to find Golden Walnuts around the island. Speak to the bird to receive a location hint each time you visit the island.

Before you can start opening up the Ginger Island you will need to befriend Leo. To do this collect 11 Golden Walnuts. You will collect one on the way to Leo’s hut which will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you will need to collect 10 more Golden Walnuts. This will trigger another cutscene when you visit the hut with the 10 collected that sees you befriend him.

After this is done the parrot appears in various locations on the island. Each location requires Golden Walnuts to unlock certain things. Simply approach the parrot and interact with it. It will squawk and an icon will appear above its head showing the amount of walnuts required. The complete list of unlocks is below.

Wake the Turtle (10 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing how to wake the turtle on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Wake the turtle to unlock a new path.

In the main area of the island next to the dock you will find a path heading to the west. To wake the turtle give the parrot 10 Golden Walnuts. This will open the path to the west-side of the island that has the unlockable farm and Farm area, the fast travel system, and the Golden Walnut Door.

Hut and Mailbox (20 + 5 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Sleep Hut and Mailbox on Ginger Island.
The island farm house and mailbox.

In the first section of the west-side of Ginger Island after the turtle clears the path you will encounter the Sleep Hut and farming area. This building costs 20 Golden Walnuts to build. This building allows you to sleep which makes exploring the island far more convenient than heading back to Stardew Valley each night.

Additional: Once you build the Sleep Hut there is a second purchase you can make next to it to build a mailbox. This purchase routes mail from Stardew Valley to the island. It costs 5 Golden Walnuts to build the mailbox next to the Sleep Hut.

Warp Tower (20 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Warp Tower in Stardew Valley.
Warp Totem.

Alongside the left of the Sleeping Hut there is another building you can build. This building is actually a Warp Tower. Like the obelisks you can use the Warp Tower to return to your Farm when you interact with it. This will save you time if you don’t have the Return Scepter.

Parrot Express (10 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Parrot Express in Stardew Valley.
Fast travel around the island.

North of the sleep hut in the forested area above you will find the Parrot Express. The parrot powered fast travel system allows you to travel to the different areas of the island when unlocked. Unlocking this service is 10 Golden Walnuts. Once unlocked you can go to the Volcano, Dig Site, Jungle, and Docks by simply stepping onto the platform The parrots will then whsk you to your destination.

Golden Walnut Room (100 Golden Walnuts Collected)

Image showing the Golden Walnut Door in Stardew Valley.
Qi’s shop entrance.

Along the west coast of the island you will find a mysterious door in the cliffside. From this door comes voices. These voices task you with collecting a total of 100 Golden Walnuts. After you reach this lofty goal you gain access to the Golden Walnut Room where you meet a familiar face.

Trading Hut (10 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Trading Hut in Stardew Valley.
Trading stall on the island.

On the Northside of the island after you’ve unlocked a number of the island’s services you will gain the opportunity to unlock the Trading Hut. This hut costs 10 Golden Walnuts to build. Once the hut is unlocked it sells a variety of island goodies like Banana Saplings and more. Definitely worth the unlock.

Repair the Bridge (10 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing where to repair the bridge on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Repair bridge to reach new section.

In the north section of the island to the west of the archeologist’s tent you will find a broken bridge. This bridge is repaired by giving the parrot a total of 10 Golden Walnuts. When you give the bird this material it will repair the bridge allowing you to reach the Dig Site of the island. In the Dig Site is located a number of Golden Walnuts along with the NPC named Professor Snail who is trapped inside a cave.

Volcano Dungeon Entrance Bridge (5 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Fire Mountain Entrance Bridge in Stardew Valley.
Repair the bridge to enter the Volcano Dungeon.

To reach the first floor of the Fire Mountain dungeon you need to use your watering can to make a bridge across the lava. If you wish to not have to do this there is an unlock you can make here. Simply pay the nearby parrot 5 Golden Walnuts to have a bridge made across the lava.

Fire Mountain Floor 5 Escape (5 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Fire Mountain Floor 5 Escape in Stardew Valley.
Escape Hole out of the Volcano Dungeon.

Half-way through the Fire Mountain Dungeon you will reach Floor 5. This floor is a safe area that houses a Dwarf merchant. This room also houses a parrot you can pay 5 Golden Walnuts to to make an escape hole. Using this hole returns you to the exterior of the dungeon next to the Parrot Express.

Resort (20 Golden Walnuts)

Image showing the Resort building in Stardew Valley.
Resort built on island.

The last of the unlockable buildings on the island is the Resort. This building is located on the beach north of the dock. When the Resort is built you create a location on the island that Stardew Valley residents will come and visit. This space is opened or closed via the sign on the changing room building. Visitors that come to the island wear beach attire and have new conversations you can have with them.

Once the Resort is unlocked you gain access to the southeast corner of the island by walking along the beach heading to the east. In this area of the island you can fish for the Stingray on the dock in the cave. This location is in the Journal Scrap #2 entry. It is also home to the Pirate visit event.

That’s all of the unlockable buildings and services you can get on Ginger Island. If you wish to get everything listed above you will need to collect 100 Golden Walnuts. The Golden Walnuts are collected through a variety of activities on the island including solving the Bird-Gem puzzle, the banana shrine, and completing the Fossil Collection and Questions.

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