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On the Ginger Island in Stardew Valley players can unlock access to a special shop by collecting 100 Golden Walnuts. Mysterious Qi personally manages his unique shop, where he challenges players with exciting end-game tasks to earn the brand-new Qi Gem currency. You can utilize this fresh currency to acquire exceptionally potent end-game items from the Qi Shop located on the island.. See what Mr. Qi shop items you can purchase below.

What Items are Fore Sale in the Mr. Qi Walnut Room Shop

In the Golden Walnut Room there is a shop you can access. This shop contains various items for you to purchase with Qi Gems you earn from completing Qi Challenges. The items you can buy are end-game and have very interesting uses. The items for sale are

Item Cost (Qi Gems)Description
Junimo Chest15Through the power of forest magic, every Junimo Chest links to the same stash.
Horse Flute50Playing this flute will summon your horse. Only works outdoors.
Hopper10Items placed inside will automatically be loaded into the machine in front of it.
Enricher20Place on a sprinkler and load with fertilizer to automatically apply it when planting seeds nearby. You get x4 Enrichers each purchase.
Pressure Nozzle20Place on a sprinkler to increase its watering range. You get x4 Pressure Nozzles each purchase.
Deconstructor20Destroys crafted items, but salvages their most valuable material.
Pierre’s Missing Stock List50Deliver to Pierre to unlock all seasonal seeds for sale at any time of the year.
Key to the Town20Allows you to enter any building at any time regardless of relationship status in Stardew Valley.
Galaxy Soul40Forge 3 of these into a Galaxy weapon to unleash its final form. Makes the Infinity Blade when properly forged.
Mushroom Tree Seed5Place this on your farm to plant a mushroom tree.
Magic Bait5Allows you to catch fish from any season, time, or weather, from whichever type of water you cast into. Each purchase gets you x20 Magic Bait.
Qi Seasoning10Just a dash will elevate any dish to extraordinary heights. Automatically applied when cooking. One purchase yields x10 Qi Seasoning.
Mr. Qi’s Hat5A replica of Mr. Qi’s iconic hat.
Aquatic Sanctuary20Decorative. Can be placed inside your house.
Heavy Tapper Recipe20Place on a maple, oak, or pine tree and wait for the reservoir to fill with product. Works twice as fast as a normal tapper.
Hyper Speed-Gro Recipe30Greatly stimulates leaf production. Guaranteed to increase growth rate by at least 33%. Mix into tilled soil.
Deluxe Fertilizer Recipe20Greatly improves soil quality, increasing your chance to grow quality crops. Mix into tilled soil. Each craft yields 5x.
Hopper Recipe50Items placed inside will automatically be loaded into the machine in front of it.
Magic Bait20Allows you to catch fish from any season, time, or weather, from whichever type of water you cast into. Each craft yields you x5 Magic Bait.
Exotic Double Bed50Can be placed inside your house.
Golden Eggs100Upon 100% completion Qi will sell these. Can be incubated to get Golden Chickens.

Many of the items listed for sale above are game changers. Things like the Key to the Town, the Horse Flute, and Magic Bait all provide significant benefits when purchased. If you need motivation for the end-game the Mr. Qi shop in the Golden Walnut room provides it. Get busy completing those Mr. Qi challenges.

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