How to Craft the Infinity Blade in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley update 1.5 players can use the Forge to craft a variety of weapons. This forge is located at the top of the volcano on Ginger Island. While many of the weapons you can forge are standard there is one weapon you will absolutely want to craft. Continue reading below to learn how to craft the Infinity Blade in Stardew Valley.

Gain Access to the Golden Walnut Room and Buy 3x Galaxy Soul

To forge the Infinity Blade you need to put in some serious work. This work involves collecting a total of 100 Golden Walnuts on the island. Once you hit this number there is a special Golden Walnut Room along the coast on the westside of the island. Inside this room you will encounter everyone’s favorite Master Qi. Master Qi has special challenges for you to complete to earn Qi Gems. These gems can be used to buy special items from Qi. The item you will want to buy is the Galaxy Soul. You need three of them so that will cost you 120 Qi Gems. Once you have these items move onto the next step.

Forge Galaxy Souls into the Galaxy Sword

Image showing how to make the infinity blade in Stardew Valley.
Recipe for the Infinity Sword.

Make your way to the tenth floor of the volcano and interact with the Forge there. Once you have the forge menu open forge the Galaxy Soul and Galaxy Sword together. Do this a total of three times. On the third forge your galaxy sword will turn into the Infinity Blade, the best sword in the game.

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