How to get the Galaxy Sword in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is not only a farming game, but also has combat with swords. In order to ensure your farmer is adequately prepared to fight slimes, this walk through will show you how to get the best sword in the game, the Galaxy Sword. The sword is both fast and deals high damage, making combat a breeze. Players of Stardew Valley on Playstation 4 and Xbox One should also pay attention to this guide, as the Galaxy Sword is the best weapon in Stardew Valley.

Gain Access to Calico Desert

Galaxy Sword

See this bus? Move it

The Community Center/or Joja Warehouse both allow for you to upgrade things around the world. The broken down bus just east of your farm is one of these fixer upper projects. Completing the bundle requires you to make charitable donations totalling 42500 gold. Fixing the bus will give you access to a new area, Calico Desert!

Get a Prismatic Shard

Galaxy Sword

The illusive Prismatic Shard

Easily the hardest step is getting a Prismatic Shard. The Stardew Valley Wiki has this item listed as one of the rarest to find in all the game, but to get the Galaxy Sword you need it! Prismatic Shards can be found in the Iridium Node, the Mystic Stone, the Iridium ore deposits in the Quarry, rarely in chests while fishing, and the Omni Geode. It also has a tiny chance of dropping off a Shadow Brute, Void Spirit, Serpent, or Mummy. Your best bet is to mine until you find one.

Go to the Desert and get The Galaxy Sword

Now that you have completed all the difficult parts, the final step is fairly simply. Take the bus to the desert and upon arrival head to the north-east where you will find three pillars forming a triangle. Equip the Prismatic Shard and walk into the center. Congratulations on becoming a badass, slime killing farmer.

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