Where to Find Professor Snail in Stardew Valley

On Ginger Island in Stardew Valley there’s an NPC named Professor Snail. This NPC normally resides in a tent on the north pass heading to the Fire Mountain, but he will be absent when you first arrive. To gain access to Professor Snail’s services you need to first find him on the island. Learn where to find Professor Snail in Stardew Valley in our guide below.

Repair the Bridge Near His Tent

Image showing the bridge you can repair on Ginger Island.
Fix the bridge to reach the dig site.

On Ginger Island there is a currency called Golden Walnuts you can collect to open different sections of the island. The section that has Professor Snail in it is located to the west of his tent. Along the path here you will find a broken bridge you can repair for 10 walnuts. Pay the 10 walnuts so the parrot repairs the bridge. Head to the west, across the bridge, and go up to the discolored rock blocking the cave entrance.

How to Free Professor Snail

Image showing Professor Snail in Stardew Valley.
Professor Snail rescued.

At the cave entrance you will hear someone yelling to you. This someone is Professor Snail. Approach the rock and use a Bomb to destroy the rock blocking the cave entrance. This will free Professor Snail and he will talk to you. Once he is done speaking with you he will head back to his tent.

With Professor Snail in his tent you can begin to donate fossils to him to complete the island collection. This collection works much like Gunther where you can donate specific items to Professor Snail when you find them.

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