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In Stardew Valley there is an NPC on Ginger Island named Professor Snail who runs a research tent. At this research tent players can donate fossils to complete his collection. This collection consists of a number of fossils you can find on the island. To help you keep track of all of the fossils see our complete Ginger Island Fossil collections list below.

Professor Snail Fossil Collection Items

Image showing the complete Professor Snail Fossil Collection Items.
The completed Professor Snail collection.

To complete the Professor Snail collection on Ginger Island you will need to find different bones for different animals. There are a total of x bones to find to complete the collection. Each bone you need to find is listed below.

Four-Legged Animal Skeleton

  • 2x Leg.
  • Tail.
  • Skull.
  • Ribs.
  • Spine.

Snake Skeleton

  • 2x Vertebrae.
  • Tail.

Fossilized Bat (Volcano Dungeon Rocks)

Fossilized Frog (Jungle Grass)

Each time you finish a complete specimen donation Professor Snail will give you a reward. This reward is typically a Golden Walnut. You will also earn the Ostrich Incubator for completing all four sets listed above.

Professor Snail Question Answers

Image showing a Professor Snail question answer.
A question asked by Professor Snail.

Everyday you can answer a question Professor Snail asks in the back wall of his research tent. These questions when answered correctly reward you with a Golden Walnut. You will want to answer these questions correctly to get at that reward. To help you answer correctly see the answers below.

Q. How Many Purple Flowers can be Found on the Island?

A. 22.

Q. How Many Purple Starfish can be Found on the Island?

A. 18.

Once you’ve answered the two questions listed above that is all the questions Professor Snail will ask you. These two questions are fairly easy ways of earning two Golden Walnuts for your answers.

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