How to Get Ostriches on Your Farm in Stardew Valley

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Update 1.5 for Stardew Valley added a number of new additions to the popular farming/life simulator including a new animal in the form of Ostriches. Unlike other farm animals you can purchase in the game you need to complete a few steps before you can get an Ostrich for yourself. To learn how to get Ostriches on your farm consult the guide below.

Unlock Ostrich Incubator and Build One

Image showing the complete collection on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Inside Professor Snail’s tent.

Ostriches are an end-game animal players can unlock in Stardew Valley’s Ginger Island. This island is accessible once you complete the Community Center/Joja Mart ending. After you reach the island you can rescue an NPC named Professor Snail. Snail runs a research tent you can donate fossils to. To unlock the Ostrich Incubator recipe you must complete the entire collection. Professor Snail will then give you the recipe.

Once you have the recipe you need to build the Ostrich Incubator for your farm. The recipe for creating this item is 50x Bone Fragment, 50x Hardwood, and 20x Cindershard. Once you have the items craft the Ostrich Incubator and place it in your Barn (not coop).

Incubate an Ostrich Egg

After you’ve created the Ostrich Incubator and placed it in your Barn the next step is to acquire an Ostrich Egg. To do this I recommend digging up the treasure shown on Journal Scrap #10. This treasure is 1x Golden Walnut and 1x Ostrich Egg. Take the egg back to your Barn and place it into your Ostrich Incubator. Wait 12 days for your Ostrich to hatch. Wait a little while longer for the Ostrich to fully mature and it will begin to produce Ostrich Eggs.

That’s all you need to know to get your own Ostrich in Stardew Valley. The Ostrich Egg is very useful if you like making mayo as one of your farms products. One Ostrich Egg makes 10x Mayo which definitely speeds up your output. Besides making Mayo you can also sell the egg or gift it to townsfolk.

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