How to Go to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley update 1.5 introduced a number of new additions to the popular farming game from ConcernedApe. One of the larger additions is a new island location called Ginger Island. This location is an entirely brand new place to visit in the game. There are a wide variety of activities to complete on this island so you will definitely want to visit it. To learn how to go to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley see our guide below.

Fix Up Willy’s Old Ship and Ride It to Ginger Island

Image showing Willy's old ship in Stardew Valley.
Fix the ship in Willy’s shop to travel to Ginger Island.

Before you get too excited keep in mind this is an end-game location. This means you will need access to a number of rare resources like Hardwood and Iridium. Once you reach the end-game Willy will contact you about having opened the back of his shop. Visit his story after 9:00 Am on the beach and enter the back room to trigger a cutscene. During this cutscene you will learn Willy’s old ship can be repaired. The parts of the ship you need to fix are:

Ticket Machine

  • 5x Battery Packs.

Ship Hull

  • 200x Hardwood.

Iridium Anchor

  • 5x Iridium Bars.

Each time you collect any of the items above head to Willy’s and donate the resources to fix that portion of the ship. Once you’ve given all material you need to wait one day as the ship is repaired. Once the ship is ready head back to the ship and pay 1,000g to ride to Fern Island.

What to Do on Ginger Island

When you reach Fern Island for the first time you may be wondering what to do on it. Well there is actually a number of activities you can take part in on this new island. Before you get to any of them you need to befriend the boy named Leo. Leo lives on the island with a pet Parrot. Besides befriending Leo some other activities on the island include:

How to Leave Ginger Island

If you are done visiting Ginger Island you will probably want to head back to you house. This can be done a few ways. Each way allows you to return to Stardew Valley, but will place you at different locations:

  • Return Scepter: Right to your front door.
  • Willy’s Ship: Back to Willy’s Shop.

Both of these methods will take you back to Stardew Valley, but you will want to be conscious of your time. If you are cutting it close use the Return Scepter whenever possible.

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