Stardew Valley Willy’s Boat

In Stardew Valley 1.5 there is a new side quest players can complete for Willy. This side quest tasks players with fixing up the old boat in the back of the Fish Shop on the Beach. Fixing the boat unlocks access to the Ginger Island map for players to explore. To learn more about this side quest, and how to complete it, here’s a quick Stardew Valley Willy’s Boat guide.

When Can You Repair Willy’s Boat?

Stardew Valley letter from Willy about back room of Fish Shop.
Willy sends a letter to the farmer about the back room of the Fish Shop.

After you’ve completed three bundles from either the Community Center or Joja Warehouse projects a cutscene will trigger when you enter the Fish Shop. During this cutscene Willy tells you that he will show you something if you complete the Community Center/Joja Warehouse.

This cutscene hints at what you need to do to start repairing Willy’s Boat. To gain access to the Fish Shop’s back room and Willy’s Boat complete either the Community Center or Joja Warehouse fully. Once the final bundle has been completed wait two days and Willy will send you a letter with the following invitation on it:

“I’ve unlocked the back room of the shop. Come by when you have a chance. There’s something I want to show you.”

Stardew Valley Fish Shop back room door.
Go through this door to get to the back room of the Fish Shop.

Upon receiving the letter head to the Fish Shop and enter the back room. In the back room a cutscene plays that tells the player about Willy’s broken boat. To make it seaworthy again the player needs to gather certain material.

How to Repair Willy’s Boat

Once you have access to the back room of the Fish Shop you can begin the process of repairing the boat. To repair to the boat that takes you to Ginger Island you need to fix three things on it. These three things require specific materials to fix. They are as follows:

  1. Hull – 200x Hardwood.
  2. Anchor – 5x Iridium Bars.
  3. Ticket Stand – 5x Battery Pack.

After you’ve required the necessary material to fix a section of the ship simply interact with the ! on it. Place the item and that section will be complete. Repeat for the other two sections.

Once you’ve placed all material in the three spots on the ship return to your farm and go to sleep. Overnight you will see a cutscene in which Robin and Willy repair the boat. The next morning you will receive a letter from Willy telling you the following:

“The ol’ boat is seaworthy once again, thanks to you! Stop by the back room whenever you want a ride. My shop is now open at 8am every day, so you can get an early start.”

Receiving this letter official marks the beginning of your Ginger Island adventure. The next step in your journey is to use the boat to sail the seas to the new location.

How to Take the Boat to Ginger Island

Stardew Valley Willy Boat ticket price.
To use the boat costs 1,000g.

With Willy’s Boat officially repaired the ship is now usable to go to Ginger Island. This method of travel is one of a couple of way that players can get to the island. To sail to Ginger Island visit Willy’s Fish Shop anytime after 8:00am and head into the back room. Approach and interact with the Ticket Stand. One ticket to the island is 1,000g. Upon purchase of a ticket you will sail to Ginger Island.

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