Reda’s Shop Daily Items Guide for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

Once you reach your settlement in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will unlock a number of services. One service you will unlock is the daily and weekly item shop named Reda’s Shop. Reda sells a variety of items on a daily and weekly basis. The items Reda has for sale range from tattoos to mounts and other items. If you wish to know what’s for sale in Reda’s Shop today you’ve come to the right place. Check out Reda’s Shop inventory below.

Where to Find Reda’s Shop

Image showing the location of Reda's Shop in Assassin's Creed Valhalla.
Reda’s Shop in the settlement.

While connected to the internet you can find Reda’s Shop in your settlement of Ravensthorpe in England. The stall for this vendor is located north of the dock in the middle of where the path splits. The first time you speak to Reda you will unlock the quest called Viking for Hire. Reda will also give you 50 Opal (the shop currency).

Reda’s Items for Sale

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Reda sells 7 rotating items on a daily and weekly basis. The daily item rotates every day at 8 AM MST/7 AM PT. The Weekly items Reda sells change on Tuesdays at 7 AM MST/6 AM PT. This page will update to reflect the changes at the shop on a daily and weekly basis. Check back to see what’s for sale regularly.

Daily Selection (November 30)

  • Blessed Warrior (Right Arm) – 35 Opals.

Weekly Selection (November 29-December 6)

  • Seidhr (Raven) – 150 Opals.
  • Modern Day Shields (Longship Customization) – 35 Opals.
  • Night Rogue Bracers (Ashen) (Armor – Bracers) – 100 Opals.
  • Arvakr (Mount) – 150 Opals.
  • Nature’s Altar (Settlement Cosmetic) – 35 Opals.
  • Night Rogue (Crimson) (Armor – Helmet) – 120 Opals.

To buy items from the shop you need to use a special currency called Opals. Opals are acquired a few ways with the most common being finding them out in the open world. There is a map that shows you all the locations for purchase in the Ubisoft store if you are interested. With that said the more thorough you explore the world the more you will find naturally, without needing the map at all.

How to Get Opals

The main currency Reda accepts in exchange for items is Opals. The Opal currency is earned via a few types of methods. These methods of acquisition are:

  • Reda Contracts (Free): Reda will provide two daily and weekly contract players can complete for Opals. Simple tell Reda “I want a contract.” to see what’s available.
  • Finding World Spawns (Free or Paid): There are hidden Opals throughout the world of AC Valhalla players can find. All Opals can be found for free, but there is a purchasable map (bought with real money) that marks them on your map for you.
  • Event Purchases (Free): This is a newer addition. Seasonal events now have the chance of having Opal bundles in the shops. You exchange seasonal tokens for the bundles to purchase them.
  • Ubisoft Gifts (Free): Sometimes Ubisoft will give players Opals through Ubisoft connect. This means simply logging into the game and accessing the rewards menu on the main screen.

Using the above listed options you can acquire a decent amount of Opals to purchase the different items Reda sells each week. If you wish to keep cost at zero focus on doing each of the contracts Reda provides daily/weekly. Also focus on any other free options when they are available.

Thoughts on what’s for sale in what’s for sale in Reda’s Shop? Drop them in The Pit below.


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26 responses

  1. brae says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together and keeping it updated!

  2. Desn says:

    What was the daily item on 4/13/2022? My shop was empty. I am waiting for the Knight Isu Helmet and the Einherjar hood the most.

  3. Jad says:

    I just want a really cool mount, particularly the Ghost mount. Only one mounts popped up since I started and thats today with Hrimfaxi which is pretty boring.

  4. Philpelsar says:

    Can I expect to see ,, sooner then later,, some Dragon skin at Reda Shop ?

  5. Isvigolf says:

    I want a refund!!!! item sucks and is horrible lol….

  6. Munther says:

    can you sell what you bought from reda? or is it permanently in your account?

  7. Theo K says:

    It won’t allow me to purchase the back tattoo from this week’s shop selection (17th Oct 21′). I can click it and it acts like I bought it, but when I go back into the shop menu it’s still purchasable again. I tried last night and today and it still won’t work. Any ideas?

  8. Nathon says:

    How do I equip the modern day shields I bought from him

    • Eli McLean says:

      The Modern Day Shields is a longship customization item. You can equip it through Vagn or the Dockyard in your settlement.

  9. Charlie says:

    I won’t even show me what’s is in the market of the daily selection or the weekly selection. So I can’t buy anything. How do I fix this

  10. Bryan says:

    What’s the daily item today in Reda’s shop? I can’t login to check today just want to make sure I’m not missing a good item. I love that you guys do this I check it everyday. Thank You

  11. Fang says:

    I want to see surtr the sword

  12. Soggy Potato says:

    You can easily look up a guide on each item sold by Reda. This is just to say what items they’re selling and how much we longer they’re selling it for.

  13. K4N3 the R34P3R says:

    Reda’s items are mostly found in the helix store dread horse, blood raven, ice wall shield, sinner skull, other cosmetics. If you want a specific item wait to buy from Reda. If you want an entire set maybe pay money. It’s up to you.

  14. Blackhand84 says:

    The beserker breeches are a cheap ugly version nothing like the original ones from the beserker pack . Dont even bother. Waste of opal!

  15. Matt PECHA says:

    I purchased the burning tree schematic and I dont inow how to use it. When i go to settlement decorations and try to change them the burning tree does not show up as an option

    • Nick says:

      I had the same problem. From what I’ve figured out, your settlement has one decorative tree available at any given time. It’s located directly west, across from the hunters hut. Find the decoration podium, open it, and you should have a menu of just trees with the burning tree among them. Hope this helps.

    • Jed says:

      You need to find a specific place where only tree schematics pop up. I had the same issue … it is close to the long house.

  16. Springduke2031 says:

    Love what you are doing here, except this is the same information you can get by just visiting reda. What I would like to know is what each thing should be worth, if not paying in opals. I think that’s what everyone wants to know. Or are redas items only to be found from his shop?

    • DocMc says:

      This is more for people who are away and can’t hop in game due to work or something else. If you see an item here, gives you the heads up, “hey, you want this? get in game now and get it”

    • Jesterman_99 says:

      A lot of his items can be purchased with $ through Helix. That maybe the only way to get complete armor sets.

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