Stardew Valley Community Center or JojaMart?

There is an overarching storyline in Stardew Valley that players can complete. This storyline features a choice to make to complete the Community Center or JojaMart. Both paths ask players to complete certain tasks to fix up their respective buildings. To help you decide which to do here’s a quick look at both. It should help you answer the burning question, Community Center or JojaMart?

Fixing Up the Community Center

The Community Center in Stardew Valley before fixing it up.
The old Community Center to the north of town.

The overarching theme of Stardew Valley is about escaping working in a soul crushing city job. The player leaves their city job behind, moves to Stardew Valley and lives a much more comfortable life. As a farmer you get the benefits of being your own boss, keeping your own hours and choosing what to do to make money. Unfortunately for you, much of Stardew Valley’s residents are incapable of general upkeep in the town with the Community Center being the most rundown. In fact the Community Center is in such a state of disrepair, that a group of cross dimensional creatures, called Junimos, have taken up residence inside of it.

The interior of the Stardew Valley Community Center before it is fixed up.
Look at this place!

From the 5th of Spring onwards you will have the chance to begin to fix up the Community Center. When this process begins you will see a cutscene with Mayor Lewis who opens the door to the Community Center, allowing you inside. Inside the building Mayor Lewis says that there is a rat problem. This starts the Rat Problem quest. Complete this quest and the subsequent Meet the Wizard quest and you will then be able to fix up the Community Center via bundles inside of it.

Image showing the Bulletin Board bundle in Stardew Valley.
The Bulletin Board bundle.

Completing the bundles Community Center is very gathering heavy. This makes this option more time consuming then the JojaMart route. With that in mind, the benefits of completing the Community Center are huge. Each completed bundle rewards the player with useful items such as seeds, or craftable items (sprinklers, kilns, beehives, etc.). Choosing the Community Center is a good way of seeing all the game has to offer.

Image showing the cutscene fight when you complete the Community Center in Stardew Valley.
There is a final cutscene when you complete the Community Center.

The reward the player receives for completing the Community Center is crushing Capitalism and securing a monopolized seed market for Pierre. Seriously. Once the Community Center is finished Pierre literally punches the Manager of the JojaMart into the stratosphere. Want to see the ending? Check out the video below.

Use Money to Build the JojaMart Warhouse

Image showing the fixed JojaMart Warehouse in place of the Community Center in Stardew Valley.
The Jojamart warehouse in all it’s glory

The JojaMart option exists as sort of an antithesis of the Stardew Valley storyline. Instead of focusing on playing the game and all it’s systems, the based are based solely on money. Each bundle can be purchased from Morris after purchasing the initial JojaMart membership. All in, the total cost to the player is 135,000g. Completing the bundles from Jojamart, turns the Community Center into a JojaMart Warehouse to store their goods. Not much else needs to be said here. The bundles themselves don’t give players any types of reward items for completion. This option appears to cater to those who have played through the game once already and want to quickly unlock the entire map. To see the JojaMart ending, check the video below.

There you have it, a simple Stardew Valley guide about choosing the Community Center or JojaMart. The Community Center offers a robust and rewarding experience, but is time intensive. JojaMart on the other hand is far less time consuming, but is less rewarding. The choice of Community Center or JojaMart is up to you!

What quest did you choose and why? Which one is better, Community Center or JojaMart? Let me know in the Pit below.


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