Stardew Valley Community Center or JojaMart Warehouse?

In Stardew Valley there is an overarching main storyline that players can complete. One of the major parts of this storyline is choice between helping Pelican Town fix up the Community Center or helping the greedy for profit JojaMart build a warehouse instead. Both paths ask players to complete certain tasks to fix up the respective building. To help you decide which to do here’s a quick look at the requirements for both paths and the rewards. It should help you answer the burning question, Stardew Valley Community Center or JojaMart Warehouse?

Fixing Up the Community Center Route

From Spring 5th players that enter Pelican Town from the Bus Stop between 8:00am – 1:00pm on a not raining day will trigger a cutscene featuring Mayor Lewis. During this cutscene Lewis opens the Community Center and leads players inside. Following the interaction inside the building the player can complete a side quest called Rat Problem. This side quest, once completed, unlocks Golden Scrolls in the Community Center.

Golden Scrolls are bundles of items players can deliver to the Community Center to fix it up. There are a total 6 Bundles players need to complete before the Community Center is fixed. These bundles fix the following rooms in the Community Center.

  • Crafts Room.
  • Pantry.
  • Fish Tank.
  • Boiler Room.
  • Bulletin Board.
  • Vault.

Besides visually changing the look of the Community Center, Bundles also unlock different things around Stardew Valley. This unlocks provide new gameplay systems and new access to parts of the world normally inaccessible.

Going the route of fixing up Community Center focuses on more aspects of Stardew Valley gameplay but is more time consuming than the JojaMart route. In this route you spend more time on all parts of the game’s different mechanics. To complete all bundles will need to farm, fish, and mine to gather all the items needed.

The benefits of completing the Community Center instead of building the JojaMart warehouse are the different bundle rewards you receive, a special ending cutscene, and access gained to The Missing Bundle which allows you to build the Movie Theater.

Spending Money to Build the Joja Warhouse Route

Stardew Valley Joja Warehouse.
The Joja Warehouse completed.

If you don’t feel like fixing up the Community Center there is another option for you to consider. The mega-corporation JojaMart wants to build a warehouse where the Community Center is. This option is less time intensive than repairing the Community Center but is more expensive since it requires cold hard cash to complete.

For players that want to build the Joja Warehouse instead of the Community Center the process is fairly simple. When JojaMart is open visit Morris and speak to him in his kiosk. Morris will offer to sell you a JojaMart Membership for 5,000g. Purchase the membership to unlock access to the Joja Community Development Form. This form allows you to spend money on certain projects:

  • Minecarts – 15,000g.
  • Panning – 20,000g.
  • Bridge – 25,000g.
  • Greenhouse – 35,000g.
  • Bus – 40,000g.

To purchase all of the necessary Community Development Projects costs the player 135,000g. Upon completion of all of these projects the Joja Warhouse is built where the Community Center was.

Going the route of the Joja Warehouse is far less time consuming than doing the Community Center bundles. All you need to complete this path is a solid money making process. Once you have that process in place you can simply make enough money to buy all the projects.

Unlocking the Joja Warehouse unlocks a special ending exclusive to this path. It also unlocks the Auto-Petter for purchase from JojaMart for 50,000g. Additionally, players can pay 500,000g to turn the Joja Warehouse into the Movie Theater.

Both paths through the Stardew Valley story have their own pros and cons. Fixing up the Community Center is more time consuming, but more rewarding. Going the Joja Warehouse route is much quicker and it unlocks the Auto-Petter which is nice if you are a rancher.

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What quest did you choose and why? Which one is better, Community Center or JojaMart? Let me know in the Pit below.


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