How to Unlock the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley 1.4 there are a number of new additions for players to explore. These new additions include a new building called the Movie Theater. The Movie Theater is a late game addition that requires collecting a number of rare items, or spending some serious coin to build. To help you get this building use our how to unlock the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley guide below.

Beat the Game (Community Center or Joja Mart Ending)

To start you first need to beat the game. There is no way around this. Make your way through Stardew Valley and complete either the Community Center or Joja Mart paths. Once you’ve done this you will enter the end game of Stardew Valley.

Unlocking the Movie Theater in Place of the Abadoned Joja Mart

Image showing the abandoned Joja Mart being renovated in Stardew Valley.

If you completed the Community Center advance time until you see a cutscene involving the Abandoned Joja Mart. In this cutscene you will see the wood on the door open. In the morning make your way to the Abandoned Joja Mart and go into the now open door. Inside the derelict building there is on last bundle called The Missing Bundle.

The Missing Bundle Requirements (Abandoned Joja Mart)

  • Silver Star Wine (any kind).
  • Caviar.
  • 5x Gold Star Ancient Fruit.
  • Gold Star Void Salmon.
  • Prismatic Shard.
  • Dinosaur Mayonnaise.

Upon completion of The Missing Bundle you will see a short cutcene. After the cutscene return home and sleep. While you sleep a cutscene will play of the Jojamart being renovated. After you sleep head to the Movie Theater.

Unlocking the Movie Theater in Place of the Joja Warehouse

Image showing the cost of the Movie Theater through Joja Mart.

If you sided with Joja Mart you can still make a movie theater only this one replaces the Joja Warehouse/Community Center. To unlock the Movie Theater at the old Joja Warehouse head into Joja Mart and speak with Morris. Morris will mention an opportunity to build an entertainment building where the Joja Warehouse is. Construction costs 500,000g to complete. Pay the gold then head back home and sleep to see Joja Mart employees working on the Joja Warehouse. After you sleep head to the Movie Theater.

What Does the Movie Theater Do in Stardew Valley?

Image showing the Movie Theater in place of the Abandoned Joja Mart in Stardew Valley.

Image showing the Movie Theater in place of the Joja Warehouse in Stardew Valley.

After the renovation occurs return to the abandoned Joja Mart or Joja Warehouse to find the Movie Theater. This new building allows you to… see movies. That’s right, for 1,000G you can enter this building and watch movies. Here are some notes on the building:

  • Movies in the theater rotate each season (see coming soon poster on exterior for next movie).
  • The Movie Theater can be visited with friends. You can buy your friends refreshments.
  • There is a playable Crane Game for 500g in the Movie Theater lobby. Prizes include things like plushies, movie posters, etc.

That’s about all you need to know about the new Movie Theater in Stardew Valley. This end game building requires a bit of effort to unlock, but it is well worth it. What do you think of the Movie Theater addition in Stardew Valley? Let me know in the comments below.

Thoughts on our how to unlock the Movie Theater in Stardew Valley guide? Drop a comment in The Pit below.


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