Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet 7 Star Raids List

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet 7 Star Raids.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet the hardest endgame content comes in the form of limited-time 7 Star Tera Raid events. These community events task players with fighting Level 100 Pokemon with unique Tera types and special move sets. To help you keep track of what 7 Star Tera Raids have happened we’ve put together this complete Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet 7 Star Raids list below.

Every 7 Star Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet So Far

7 Star Tera Raids are special events announced by the Pokémon Company. When active, players receive an in-game announcement through the News portal.

These raids usually last for a weekend or two before disappearing. However, some particularly special raids, like the one featuring Mewtwo, have run much longer.

Below are tables tracking all 7 Star Raids that have occurred in Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet, including any raids announced to be coming soon.

2024 7 Star Raids So Far

Raid Date7 Star Raid Pokémon
July 5-7
June 28-30
June 14-16
June 21-23
May 31-June 2
June 7-9
May 17-19
May 10-12
April 12-14
April 5-7
March 13-17Charizard
March 6-12Blastoise
February 28-March 5Venusuar
February 9-11
February 2-4
January 19-21
January 12-14

2023 & 2022 7 Star Raids

Raid Date7 Star Raid Pokémon
December 22-24Iron Bundle
December 1-3
November 24-26
Hisuian Samurott
November 17-20Eevee
November 10-12
November 3-5
Hisuian Typhlosion
October 13-15
October 6-8
Hisuian Decidueye
September 1-17
August 18-31
August 4-6
July 28-30
July 14-16
July 7-9
June 16-18
May 12-14
May 5-7
April 28-30
April 21-23
April 14-16
April 7-9
March 31-April 2
March 24-26
March 17-19
February 24-27Pikachu
February 10-12
January 27-29
January 13-15
December 30-January 1
December 16-18 (2022)
December 2-4 (2022)

Each time a new 7 Star Tera Raid occurs, players must prepare a powerful Level 100 Pokémon to battle it. By defeating the Pokémon listed above, trainers can add them to their collection.

7 Star Raid Pokémon are always shiny locked. This means players have to breed for a shiny version. One way of doing this is using the Masuda Method to obtain shiny variants.

These raids are not the only ones that take place in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Other, less difficult raids often occur. Take a look at our Spotlight Event list for details on those Pokémon.

What are your thoughts on our Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet 7 Star Raids list? Share them in the comments below!



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  1. Ian says:

    You’re missing iron bundle

  2. Brandon says:

    Is there any confirmation that some of these may be bright back? I’d love to get some that I missed.

    • enricofairme says:

      So far there hasn’t been any indication of any coming back. If you want to snag some you missed an easy method is to trade with people who have bred the Pokemon.

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