Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Spotlight Raids

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet there are seasonal and monthly raids that the Pokemon Company holds. These special raids are called spotlight events and they focus on a sole Pokemon for players to fight against. If you are wondering what the past, present, and future Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Spotlight Raids are, this post is for you.

Every Spotlight Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet So Far

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Eevee raid spotlight.
Eevee was the first raid Spotlight.

Spotlight raids work a bit differently than the endgame centered 7 star raids. Instead of fighting a Pokemon that is Level 100 and has a set Tera Type you will instead fight a Pokemon with different Tera Types that is Level 75. This means you are able to secure a Pokemon of more rare Tera Types than you would normally get in-game.

Additionally to the Tera Type change you can also capture as many of the Spotlight Pokemon as you want. This means you are able to easily secure as many of these Pokemon as you want while the event is running. So far the Spotlights that have occurred are as follows:

BlisseyMarch 24th – 26th 2023
Walking Wake (Scarlet) & Iron Leaves (Violet)February 27th – March 12th 2023
Garchomp & SylveonFebruary 17th – 19th 2023
Tandemaus (Valentine’s Event)February 13th – 14th 2023
Armarouge (Scarlet) & Ceruledge (Violet)February 3rd – 5th 2023
Drifblim (Scarlet) & Mismagius (Violet)January 20th – 22nd 2023
Hydreigon (Scarlet) & Dragapult (Violet)January 6th – 8th 2023
DelibirdDecember 23rd – 25th 2022
Tyranitar (Scarlet) & Salamence (Violet)December 9th – 11th 2022
Eevee November 25th 2022 – November 27th 2022

As you can see from the list above the Spotlight events happen fairly regularly. One thing you may also notice is that different events feature different version exclusives. This makes the Spotlight weekends very good for players that are struggling to complete their pokedex.

Each time there is a Spotlight event we put together a brief guide to help you complete it. Be sure to check back in to this page or the homepage for the most recent Spotlight guide we have available.

Thoughts on the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Spotlight Raids that have occurred so far? Let me hear them in the comments below.


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