Iron Leaves Tera Raid Event Guide

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Iron Leaves rewards.

During the February 2023 Pokemon Presents livestream there was a special announcement for both Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. This special announcement revealed that there was a new, limited time, set of Tera Raid battles players could complete to get special Paradox Pokemon. For Pokemon Scarlet players could catch Walking Wake and for Pokemon Violet they could catch Iron Leaves. The guide below gives you details on everything to know about the Iron Leaves Raid event.

UPDATE: This Tera Raid Event returned on May 1st following the release of the version 1.3.0 patch. Details remained the same for the event, but there was a new date period during which the event ran. This period was May 1, 2023 at 00:00 UTC to Sunday, May 14, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.

Iron Leaves Tera Raid Event Details

Walking Wake and Iron Leaves event details for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Walking Wake and Iron Leaves event details.

The Iron Leaves Tera Raid event was announced during the Pokemon Livestream event during the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet section. The event went live immediately after the livestream concluded and there was an in-game news announcement made. This announcement gave details about the raid event that are listed in the table below.

Tera Raid PokemonIron Leaves
Raid Level⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Level 75)
Event DatesFebruary 27, 2023 at 15:00 UTC – March 12, 2023 at 23:59 UTC.
May 1, 2023 at 00:00 UTC – May 14, 2023, at 23:59 UTC.
Tera TypePsychic

When the Iron Leaves Tera Raid event is active players can look for a Shiny Blue Crystal Raid Dungeon on their map once per day. Additionally players can also join up online with either their friends or other trainers via the Poke Portal to take on Walking Wake or Iron Leaves.

5 Star Tera Raid Iron Leaves Moves

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Iron Leaves using Electric Terrain.
Iron Leaves using Electric Terrain.

Before diving head first into the Level 75 Iron Leaves Tera Raid you will want to know what you are going up against. The Iron Leaves you face is Tera Type Psychic. Additionally you will want to know the Pokemon’s moveset. The Level 75 Iron Leaves you face has the following moves during the raid:

Electric TerrainThe user turns the ground into Electric Terrain for five turns, powering up Electric-type moves. Pokémon on the ground can no longer fall asleep.
PsybladeThe user rends the target with an ethereal blade. This move’s power is boosted by 50 percent if the user is on Electric Terrain.
Leaf BladeThe user handles a sharp leaf like a sword and cuts the target to inflict damage. This move has a heightened chance of landing a critical hit.
MegahornUsing its tough and impressive horn, the user rams into the target with no letup.
Swords DanceA frenetic dance to uplift the fighting spirit. This sharply boosts the user’s Attack stat.
Quark Drive (Ability)Boosts the Pokemon’s most proficient stat on Electric Terrain or if the Pokemon is holding Booster Energy.

As you can see from the Iron Leaves moveset there is a bit of a coverage issue. This Pokemon deals Grass, Bug, and Psychic type damage. When it first appears on the battlefield it will setup it’s Quark Drive ability by putting up Electric Terrain.

Pokemon to Use Against Raid Iron Leaves

There are a number of good Pokemon you can use against Iron Leaves during the raid. Many of these Pokemon are a mixture of Steel and a complimentary category. Pokemon like Gholdengo, Scizor, Forretress, Corvinkight, and Kingambit all work here. For more build ideas check out the calculator at

What Items does Iron Leaves Drop during the 5 Star Raid?

Like other raids Iron Leaves drops items when it is caught/defeated. The items Iron Leaves can drop are standard 5-Star level Raid items. You will not get everything each time you complete the Tera Raid. There is a percentage chance drop rate for each item, which you can find over on Serebii. The list of things you can potentially get from this raid are as follows:

  • Exp. Candy L.
  • Rare Candy.
  • Health Feather.
  • Tamato Berry.
  • Big Pearl.
  • Pearl String.
  • Nugget.
  • Naive Mint.
  • PP Up.
  • Bottle Cap.
  • Psychic Tera Shard.
  • Ability Capsule.

Once you’ve caught Iron Leaves once, you are not able to catch it again. You can, however, farm the raid for the items listed above if you so choose. This can be done by changing your system clock or by helping other online players.

That’s all you need to know to complete the Iron Leaves Tera Raid in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. This raid is fairly tough and does require you to put some effort into completing. If you are struggling, drop look for people in the comments below to help you.

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