Pokemon Presents February 2023 Announcements

February 2023 Pokemon Presents waiting screen.

To celebrate Pokemon Day, the official Pokemon YouTube channel held a special livestream event. This event was Pokemon Presents February 2023 which featured a bunch of Pokemon announcements. To keep track of everything shown here’s a quick list of all of the Pokemon Presents February 2023 announcements.

All Pokemon Presents February 2023 Announcements

The livestream event took place on The Official Pokemon YouTube channel. This event was a special video presentation that occured at 6am PT. During the video there was a slew of reveals consisting of the following:

  1. Pokemon World Championships 2023 will be held in Japan for the first time ever on August 11th-13th. Special Yokohama art revealed. Event will be livestreamed.
  2. Pokemon Trading Card Game Classic premium TCG set. More details will be revealed at the world championships.
  3. Dwarf Studio is creating a stop-motion Netflix series called Pokemon Concierge. More details to come in the future.
  4. Pokemon Unite is entering its second year. To celebrate there is a new update adding Zacian and a new event called Zacian’s Weald. There is also a Boss Rush mode and a special POKEMONDAY code players can claim.
  5. Pokemon Cade Remix has a new event to celebrate Pokemon Day. This event features a new dish and the special Greninja Chef for logging in.
  6. Pokemon Masters Ex has a special event active. This event features Hop, Bede, Marnie, and Leon & Charizard. You can receive a present of 3,000 Gems for participating.
  7. Pokemon Sleep trailer. Is coming out Summer 2023 for IOS, Android, and the just announced Pokemon Go+ Plus device.
  8. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have a special Tera Raid event, starting today, featuring Walking Wake (Scarlet) and Iron Leaves (Violet) Paradox Pokemon.
  9. Pokemon Home support coming to Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet early 2023.
  10. Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero DLC trailer. Contains Part 1 The Teal Mask (Fall 2023) and Part 2 The Indigo Disk (Winter 2023).

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