Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raid Event – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The Dragapult and Hydreigon raids.

There is a new Tera Raid Event players can take part in in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet from January 6 (00:00 UTC) to January 8 (23:59 UTC). This Tera Raid Event allows players to catch Hydreigon (Scarlet) or Dragapult (Violet) more regularly in raid battles. To help you learn more about this event see our Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raid Event guide below.

Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raid Event Details

The Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raid event runs from January 6 (00:00 UTC) to January 8 (23:59 UTC). While the event is active players can take part in 3-5 Star Tera Raid Battles against Hydreigon (in Scarlet) or Dragapult (in Violet) of various Tera Types. The point of this raid event is to allow players the chance to snag these two Pokemon in any of the different Tera Types.

How to Find Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raids?

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet map symbol for event Tera Raid.
Shimmering raid symbol showing event.

You have a couple of methods to finding the Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raids in your game while the event is active. As long as your copy of the game is up-to-date you will find Hydreigon and Dragapult on either the world map or through the Poke Portal Tera Raid system. Finding the raids using either method is fairly simple.

The raids that feature Hydreigon and Dragapult appear on your map as raid symbols with a goldish shimmer to them (see screenshot above for example). You get a few of these per day to take part in. If you want to join others, to get the copy exclusive Pokemon, connect to the internet and use the Poke Portal to access the Tera Raid screen. You should see joinable raids here.

What are Hydreigon and Dragapult Weak To?

Both Hydreigon and Dragapult share the same base Dragon type. They do, however, have different additional types to be aware of. Hydreigon has additional Dark type, making it Dragon/Dark. Dragapult has additional Ghost type, making it Dragon/Ghost.

To counter the type combination of Hydreigon you want to use a Pokemon that is Fairy type with any of the following: Fighting, Bug, Ice, or Dragon. The Fairy type is super effective against this Pokemon, dealing 4x the damage.

To counter the type combination of Dragapult you want to use a Pokemon that is a mixture of any of the following: Ghost, Dark, Fairy, Ice, or Dragon. There is no super effective type for this Pokemon, so choosing from any of these is your next best bet.

Once thing to note when dealing with Tera Raids is the Pokemon’s Tera Type. This throws a bit of a wrench into types. For maximum success you want to use a Pokemon that is strong against the raid Pokemon’s base types and its Tera Type as well.

Hydreigon and Dragapult Raid Rewards

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Dragapult caught screen.
A 4 Star Dragapult caught during the Tera Raid event.

Unlike the Delibird event we just experienced, there is no special boost to this Tera Raid Event’s drop rate. The items you get for completing these raids are inline with what you get from completing other 3-5 Star raids. This means you can expect to receive things like:

  • Rare Candy.
  • XP Candies in XL, L, and M.
  • Feathers.
  • Berries.
  • Tera Shards (of Tera Type).
  • Pearls or Nuggets.
  • Ability Capsules.
  • Deino Scales (Hyderigon).
  • Dreepy Powder (Dragapult).

If you are successful in completing the raid battles you will receive a selection from the rewards list above. The good folks over at Serebii have the percentage chance drops for the different items, so check it out here if you are interested.

The Hydreogin and Dragapult raid can be viewed mainly as a filler event. This short event can be used to farm up on a variety of different supplies fairly easily. The next big raid you should be looking forward to is the return of Cinderace.

Thoughts on our look at the Hydreigon and Dragapult Tera Raid event? Drop them in the comments below.



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