Presents from Delibird Tera Raid Event – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet 5 Star Delibird raid rewards.

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet from December 23-25 there is an event running focused around Delibird. This event is called Presents from Delibird and it causes more Delibirds to appear in Tera Raid Battles. Taking part in these raids earns you more rewards and is well worth the trouble. To learn more about the event see our Presents from Delibird Tera Raid event guide below.

Presents from Delibird Tera Raid Event Details

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Presents from Delibird details.
Poke Portal Presents from Delibird event details in-game.

The Presents from Delibird Tera Raid event runs from December 23 – Sunday December 25th. While the event is active players can take part in 1-5 Star Tera Raid Battles against Delibirds of various Tera Types. Battling Delibirds in any of these raids rewards players with additional post battle rewards.

If getting more rewards wasn’t enough for players there is also specific rewards players can get from completing 5 Star Delibird raids. These rewards are various Tera Shards. At the end of each 5 Star Delibird Tera Raid you can earn around a total 17+ Tera Shards of different types. Farming this raid makes it a fairly simple and fast way of earning Tera Shards.

What Pokemon or Pokemon Type Counters Delibird?

To make your farming more efficient you may wish to use Pokemon that directly counter Delibird. Delibird is a Flying/Ice type Pokemon that is countered by Pokemon that are Ground or Steel types. Getting a Pokemon of those types ensures you can survive the Delibirds attacks. One little wrinkle to the counter is that the event features Delibirds of various Tera Types. This means you will need to be more selective with the counter you use since the Delibird can be of any Tera type.

How to Find Delibird Tera Raids?

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet Delibird Tera Raid Event Icon.
A shimmering Delibird raid icon.

You have a couple of methods to finding Delibird Tera Raids in your game while the event is active. As long as your copy of the game is up-to-date you will find Delibird on either the world map or through the Poke Portal Tera Raid system. Finding the raids using either method is fairly simple. The raids that feature Delibirds appear on your map as raid symbols with a yellowish shimmer to them (see screenshot above for example). As for joining others, everyone is playing the raids right now, so they are appearing regularly on the Tera Raid screen.

Are the 5 Star Delibird Tera Raids Worth Doing?

Yes they are. In fact they should be the only ones you target if you are high level and the event is active. Completing a 5 Star Delibird Tera Raid with a good group only takes a minute or so. This makes the whole process fairly short and it rewards you with 17+ Tera Shards. If you can grind out 5 Star Delibird raids for a few hours you can accrue a fairly large number of Tera Shards for use in changing your Pokemon’s Tera Types.

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