7 Star Raids Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet there is a few major end-game activities players can repeatedly take part in. These activities allow you to challenge some of the game’s toughest content with your Pokemon. One piece of end-game content that should be on your radar if you want to do the hardest stuff is 7 Star Raids. To learn more about these events see our 7 Star Raids Pokemon Scarlet and Violet guide below.

What are 7 Star Tera Raids?

Poke Portal News Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Poke Portal News tells you when a 7 Star is active.

7 Star Tera Raids are the highest level Tera Raid that players can complete in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. These Raids pit 4 trainers against Pokemon that are Level 100. These Raids are special because they are usually limited time in nature and focus on fighting a rare Pokemon. News of the current, active, 7 Star Tera Raid is found in game on the Poke Portal News screen.

One thing to note if you read the above paragraph is that 7 Star is basically for players that have reached the end of the end-game. This means you’ve already unlocked 5/6 Star Tera Raids. These Raids allow you to catch high level Pokemon and level them up to Level 100 which is basically required for 7 Star Raids.

Where to Find 7 Star Tera Raids?

There’s not a ton different about how the 7 Star Tera Raids work. You have a few methods of taking part in them. While the limited time Raid is active you will find the 7 Star Raid somewhere on your map. The icon for this Raid type is black and it has a glowing pink/purple outline. When you go to the icon location you will find a Black Crystal you can interact with to start the Raid. You will have a few options on the Tera Raid Battle screen:

  • Challenge as a group – Online matchmaking.
  • Challenges alone – Let’s you ‘Solo’ with computer teammates.
  • Change your Pokemon – Select the Pokemon you want to use in the Raid.

When you are ready to take on this tough fight you will want to select to either Challenge as a group or Challenge alone to kick off the battle. Make sure the Pokemon you choose is ready to go!

If you don’t want to find the Raid on your map you can use the Tera Raid online search to find any currently active. While the 7 Star Raids are active they are fairly easy to join, since everyone is playing them. Simply access the screen and join the Raid when available to team up with others online.

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How to Complete 7 Star Raids?

7 Star Raid Battle Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
A 7 Star Raid Battle beginning.

Completing 7 Star Tera Raids takes a bit of planning on your part before heading into it. Since the Pokemon you are facing is at Level 100 you will need to ensure at minimum the Pokemon you have is Level 100 (otherwise you will die fairly quickly). Besides that you will want to ensure you’ve done the following the make the fight tolerable:

  • Use a Level 100 Pokemon.
  • Bring a Pokemon that is Super Effective against the Raid Pokemon’s Tera type.
  • Bring a Pokemon that takes reduced damage from the Raid Pokemon’s Tera type.
  • Have an optimal item held by your Pokemon.
  • Have meta moves on your Pokemon.
  • Use Moves strategically.

If you follow the list above you will be able to win either in Solo or co-operative play. Things are especially easy if you can coordinate a group using meta Pokemon. If you need help drop a comment below to see if others want to join you.

Are the Rewards Worth it From 7 Star Raids?

Charizard Pokemon rewards Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Rewards from a 7 Star Tera Raid.

7 Star Tera Raids are some of the most rewarding activities you can take part in in the game. This high level content rewards players that are able to complete it. The rewards you get from completing this active include:

  • Catch a Level 100 Rare Pokemon with Max IVs.
  • Special Mark on Pokemon.
  • TMs.
  • Bottle Caps.
  • Ability Patches.
  • Tera Shards.
  • Vitamins.
  • Star Pieces.
  • Exp. Candies L & XL.
  • Rare Candies.

While you can only catch the 7 Star Raid Pokemon once, you can farm the raid for the additional items. This allows you to easily gain a variety of rewards from the Raid for use in making your Pokemon team better.

Thoughts on our 7 Star Raids Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet guide? Drop them in the comments below.


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