6 Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

The toughest content in the Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet is the game’s 6 Star Raids. These raids pit you against the strongest Pokemon you can face in the game. Taking on 6 Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, while challenging, can be incredibly rewarding if you succeed. To help you learn more about these raids see our guide below.

How to Unlock 6 Star Raids?

Jacq calling trainer about the 6 Star Raids in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Phone call from Jacq unlocking 6 Star Raids.

The first step on your journey to taking on 6 Star Raids is unlocking them. To do this you need to complete a few steps in the game’s endgame. First up is beating the game. This means completing the crater and seeing the credits roll. Once you’ve done this you then need to defeat all of the Gym Leaders for a second time. This unlocks the special Academy Ace Tournament. Complete this tournament to unlock 4/5 Star Raids.

Once you’ve unlocked the 4/5 Star Raids you are given a request from Jacq. Jacq calls and tells you he wants you to collect information on these challenging Raids. This means you need to take part in Raids, specifically 10. Once you’ve completed 10 of the 4/5 Star Raids you will get another phone call from Jacq telling you that 6 Star Raids will appear at Black Crystal Raid Lairs across Paldea.

Where to Find 6 Star Raids?

6 Star Raids, when available, appear on your map. They appear as a glowing purple/black raid lair symbol. When you go to this mark on your screen you will find a Black Crystal Lair. Interacting with this lair brings up the Tera Raid Battle screen from which you can select either to challenge the Raid with a group or alone (with NPCs). Keep in mind this is the hardest content in the game, so make that decision wisely.

Alongside finding the raids in your world, you can also use the Poke Portal to join up for 6 Star Raid battles with others. This is the most convenient method of joining into these Raids since you don’t have to go to the different Raid locations on your map. Like the other Raids, simply select and join the one you want to challenge.

What Rewards are in the 6 Star Raids?

6 Star Tera Raid end battle screen Baxcalibur Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
6 Star Raid completion screen after Baxcalibur fight.

Fighting a 6 Star Raid is both hard and very rewarding. These top challenge raids are home to the most assured method of getting legendary items like Herba Mystica, Bottle Caps, Ability Capsules, and more. Alongside the item rewards the Pokemon you catch are level 75.

There is a bonus one time reward for completing your first 6 Star Raid battle. This reward comes from Jacq. He will call you when you win your first battle and will speak to you about it. During this conversation he gives you 10,000 LP for winning.

7 Star Raids

If you thought fighting 6 Star Raids was hard, the Pokemon Company/Game Freak has a nice surprise for you. There are 7 Star Raids that players can complete. These Raids are limited time events against Level 100 Pokemon. You will want to watch the in-game news for announcements when they are active. Currently players can face off against:

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