Things to Do After Beating Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Like other Pokemon games in the past, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet feature endgame content for players to explore. This content includes a number of different activities you may not be aware of. To help you sort through the endgame activities we’ve put together this guide. Here’s the things to do after beating Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Defeat All 8 Gym Leaders Again

Kofu Gym Leader Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Kofu ready for the second battle.

One of the first things you are told by Ms. Geeta after becoming a Pokemon Champion is that you need to return to the Gym to face off against the Gym Leaders a second time. Once this is mentioned all 8 Gyms reset and you can challenge them again (you don’t have to do the Gym Tests). When you do challenge them a second time the Gym Leaders use harder teams in the 60-65+ Level range.

Once you’ve defeated all of the Gym Leaders a second time you will get a phone call from Geeta. Geeta asks you to bring her the inspection report at the academy in the Entrance Hall. Return to her, give her the report, after the report concludes you receive the King’s Rock item which can be held by a Pokemon. Sleep after you get this item to advance to a new activity.

Compete in the Academy Ace Tournament

Academy Ace Tournament NPC Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Speak to this NPC in the Entrance Hall to start the Academy Ace Tournament.

After sleeping you time passes and you awake a week later. The Pokemon Tournament called the Academy Ace Tournament is set to take place. Go to leave your dorm room and Nemona will stop and fill you in about it. The tournament is a lottery system where you will face a random opponent either student or touch. Lose and you go home, win and you continue on.

To win the tournament you need to win a total of four games. Trainers you face in the tournament have 6 Pokemon squads around the 65-69ish level marks. Defeat all four opponents and you receive the Sport Cap (Pokemon League) hat and access to the tournament whenever you’d like.

You also unlock a bunch of further storylines with you and the different students you are friend with. These storylines unlock the ability to visit their dorm rooms where you can speak to them.

Take Part in 4, 5 and 6 Star Tera Raids

Tera Raid Battle Search Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Tera Raid Battle Search allows you to play with others.

The max Tera Raid difficulty you can experience during the main storyline is 3 stars. Upon completion of the main storyline you unlock Tera Raids that are both 4 and 5 Star difficulties. These raids are much tougher than anything else in the game and are some of the most rewarding pieces of content.

After completing the Academy Ace Tournament you will get a call from Jacq about the new, tougher, raids. Go out and complete 5 star raids until he calls you again. This phone call unlocks a higher difficulty of raids which are 6 Star.

Both the 5+6 Star difficulty Tera Raids have the chance of rewarding players with legendary items like Bottle Caps, and ingredients like the rare Herba Mystica. The Pokemon you can catch from theses raids are also very high level.

Take Part in 7-Star Special Event Raids When Active

Charizard caught Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Charizard was one of the 7-Star Pokemon.

Both the 5+6 Star Tera Raids are available at all times once you reach the endgame of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. There’s one higher tier of raid that is reserved for special events. These 7-Star Raids are the hardest content you can complete in the games. Additionally they are only available at select times, so you will need to keep an eye on the in-game news system to learn when they are active.

The benefit of completing the 7-Star Raids is huge. The Pokemon you catch are typically incredibly rare. They are also Level 100 and have the best possible IVs you can get. Alongside catching the super Pokemon they also give out the most Raid rewards including things like Rare Candies and Herba Mystica.

Complete Remaining Teacher Requests

Slowpoke Cup reward from Mr. Saguaro in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Mr. Saguaro gives you the Slowpoke Cup for helping him.

If you didn’t already know, you can build relationships with your teachers in Scarlet and Violet. These relationships typically center around just talking to the person and attending their classes, but a couple of them have some difficult requests for you to complete. These requests come from the following two teachers and are doable once you’ve reached the endgame:

Ms. Reifort: Catch all 4 Legendary Shrine Pokemon and show them to her.

Mr. Saguaro: Give him a Sweet Herba Mystica.

Completing both of these requests nets you a couple of decent teacher reward items. We have a guide showing where to find all 32 Ominous Stakes to get at the Legendary Shrine Pokemon to mek your life easier completing that request.

Catch all 400 Pokemon and Get the Shiny Charm

Jacq in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Jacq gives players rewards for catching Pokemon.

It wouldn’t be a Pokemon game without catching all the Pokemon in the region Pokedex, and Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are no different. The Paldea Pokedex contains a total for 400 Pokemon for your to find and catch. Besides searching out all the Pokemon you want there is actually an interesting item you can get from catching all 400 Pokemon. Jacq gives your the Shiny Charm for reaching this mark in-game. This makes shiny hunting much easier if that appeals to you.

What are some of the things to do after beating Pokemon Scarlet and Violet that you are doing? Let me know in the comments down below. Happy playing!


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