Sweet Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet there are some side missions players can complete for the teachers at Naranja Academy or Uva Academy. These side quests are not super intensive except for one. Mr. Saguaro, the Home Ec teacher, will ask you to acquire a Sweet Herba Mystica for him. This rare herb can be a bit confusing to acquire, so I wrote this guide to help. Below I walk you through where to find Sweet Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

How to Get Sweet Herba Mystica?

Sweet Herba Mystica Picnic Item.
Sweet Herba Mystica in Trainer inventory.

Sweet Herba Mystica is a legendary sandwich ingredient. This ingredient can be acquired as a rare drop from completing five-star/six-star Raids. You unlock the ability to do five-star and six-star Raids after you’ve beaten the main storyline in the game. Once this is completed you will encounter these high level Raids in your game and on the Tera Raid Battle Search page.

Getting Sweet Herba Mystica to drop is largely up to chance. There are a number of different types of legendary items that can drop when you complete a Tera Raid. If you want to improve your chance consume food that gives you the Raid Power buff which grants more rewards from Raids. Additionally focus your attention on 6 Star raids since they have a higher chance of getting legendary items.

What Reward do You Get For Giving Mr. Saguaro Sweet Herba Mystica?

Slowpoke Cup reward from Mr. Saguaro.
Mr. Saguaro gives this picnic item to players for their help.

Once you get Sweet Herba Mystica you can give it to Mr. Saguaro to complete his questline. Giving him this legendary ingredient causes you to reach max relationship with him. Since you’ve hit this mark Mr. Saguaro gives you the teacher reward of a Slowpoke Cup you can use while on a picnic.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Sweet Herba Mystica in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Getting this legendary ingredient to drop really comes down to grinding away on five-star Raid battles and having a bit of luck with the drops.

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