Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Teacher Rewards

While you attend school in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet you can forge friendships with the teachers of your different classes. These friendships blossom over the course of the semester and they feature a sort of side-quest system. Each time you complete a request or simply speak to a professor, your trust with them grows. Upon hitting the maximum trust you will receive rewards from them. To keep track of all the rewards see the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet teacher rewards guide below.

What are The Rewards You Get From Max Trust with The Teachers?

Hassel reward Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet.
Hassel gives the Trainer a reward for reaching max trust.

During your playthrough of either Pokemon Scarlet or Pokemon Violet you will get chances to improve your relationship with your teachers. Sometimes when you use the travel computer in Naranja/Uva academy you will see a red ! beside different locations. This means a teacher or NPC would like to speak to you. Go to the destination and speak to the NPC there to advance their storyline. Complete each storyline (ie “form a close bond”) to earn the following rewards:

Teacher/NPCHow to UnlockReward
HasselComplete all conversations and classes. 50x Dragon Tera Shards.
Ms. TymeComplete all conversations and classes. 50x Rock Tera Shards.
Mr. SaguaroGive Sweet Herba Mystica when asked. Slowpoke Cup.
Ms. RaifortCatch and show all Legendary Shrine Pokemon.Nasty Plot (TM140).
Nurse MiriamComplete all conversations. 10x Max Revives.
CavellComplete Starfall Street storyline. Big Nugget.
Mr. SalvatoreComplete all conversations and classes. Galarian Meowth.
Mrs. DendraComplete all conversations and classes. Protein x10
JacqTake one class and Register 30 Pokemon in Pokedex. False Swipe (TM057).

Many of the reward requirements are fairly simple to complete. Going to classes and speaking to the different teachers is the easiest of the bunch. Two teachers do require that you’ve beaten the game. Those teachers are Mr. Saguaro and Ms. Raifort.

For help with acing the classes be sure to check out our classes guides. You will find all the answers to the class questions, the class midterms, and even the class final exams. Additionally you may also want to check out the locations of all the Ominous Stakes so you can easily catch the Shrine Pokemon.

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