Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Meal Powers Effects Guide

In Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet there is a mechanic in the game revolving around creating and eating sandwiches. This seemingly secondary system (that you’ve probably ignored) is actually incredibly useful. Food that you eat while picnicking can trigger some very useful buffs called Meal Powers Effects. To learn more about these buffs see our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Meal Powers Effects guide below.

What Do Meal Powers Effects Do?

When you eat food in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet you trigger special Meal Powers Effects. These effects give you buffs to various stats in the game that are very useful. Many of these stats can help you speed up a great deal of systems like Breeding, getting material drops, and finding specific types of Pokemon. The Meal Powers Effects are:

  • Egg Power: More likely to find Pokemon eggs.
  • Catching Power: More likely catches will succeed.
  • Exp. Point Power: More Exp. Points gained.
  • Item Drop Power: More materials found after battle.
  • Raid Power: More rewards from Tera Raid Battles.
  • Title Power: More likely to find Pokemon with titles.
  • Sparkling Power: More likely to encounter shiny Pokemon.
  • Humungo Power: More likely to encounter large-size Pokemon.
  • Teensy Power: More likely to encounter small-size Pokemon.
  • Encounter Power: More likely to encounter Pokemon of this type.

The above mentioned Meal Powers should be viewed as categories. They are overly broad. When you make a sandwich things get much more granular. Take the Catching Power category, for example. When you make a sandwich it may have Catching Power focused on a specific type. This means your Catching Power buff will apply to something like Bug type only (for example).

Another thing to keep in mind about Meal Powers is that their buffs come in different levels. Lv. 1 is the lowest level of the Meal Powers buffs. This means you will get the lowest benefit from consuming this sandwich. Above Lv. 1 is Lv. 2. You are getting the same buff from Lv. 2, but it is more powerful. LV.2 Meal Powers are found on sandwiches that have more rare ingredients.

As pointed out in the comments the Meal Power buffs last a total of 30 minutes once activated. You can check the how much time you have left of the buffs you have by pushing right on the D-Pad to open the status screen. Look in the bottom right corner to see the details.

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  1. Dark says:

    If I have a pokemon with two types, for instance, ghost and fire, If I eat two different sandwiches one giving fire an exp boost and one giving ghost an exp boost, do the boosts stack?

  2. CptObvious says:

    I’ve noticed that if you save while meal effects are active, and then reload that save, the meal effects are lost.

  3. Jake says:

    Duration of the meals??????

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