Stardew Valley Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Stardew Valley, the indie hit released earlier this year has received a sizable update today. Update 1.1 introduces a bunch of new things for players to experience in the game. One area that received some new content is end game. End game content has been added for players who have finished with the Community Center or JoJo Mart. The town wizard is in need of help getting his magic ink back from his… ex-wife. You will find the entire Wizard Quest walkthrough below. This guide is also applicable to those who are playing Stardew Valley on both Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Meet The Wizard

In order to trigger the new endgame quest in Stardew Valley, players must head to the north area which has the hot springs in it. Once you enter the area, a cut-scene will trigger. The cutscene explains that the Wizard lost his magical ink and it seems his ex-wife now has it. Due to the sentimental nature of the task, he wants you to get it back. The problem is, there is some sort of magical barrier blocking the path to the witches house.

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Go north here.

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

The wizard and his predicament.

Get the Dark Talisman

To remove the magical barrier, the Wizard mentions that a Dark Talisman is required. While he does not have one (pretty bad wizard if you ask me), he does know of someone who might. Krobus, Stardew Valley’s resident sewer merchant is believed to be in possession of the Dark Talisman we need. Head over to see Krobus. Talking to Krobus reveals that he dropped the amulet in an area on the left side of the sewer. Krobus sealed the area, but will unlock it for you. Head left from Korbus and you will see a hole in the wall. Enter the hole and head follow the path north. All paths lead to the chest containing the Dark Talisman, so chose whichever you wish. Collect the talisman and head back to the magic barrier.

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Sewer Korbus

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Chest containing the Dark Talisman.

Move the Barrier and Deal With the Troll

When you return to the magic barrier approach the barrier and hit action. The Dark Talisman will trigger the barrier to move, allowing you to access inside. Inside the tunnel is a teleport pad. Step on it and walk north in the new area. Ahead is a goblin/troll blocking the path. The goblin will not move unless you bring him something. Bring the troll Void Mayonnaise to get him to move.

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

You got to pay the troll toll

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Void Mayo

Get the Magical Ink

With the troll out of the way, you can now access the Witch’s hut. Inside you will find a few things, but most important is the Wizard’s magical ink on the table. Grab the ink and return to the Wizard. Upon returning the ink to the Wizard, you will be given access to a magical book. The book allows you to summon new buildings to your farm.

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

The witch’s hut

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Bring the ink, get the book

Buildings Unlocked

Here are the buildings you can unlock with the magical book:

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Junimo Hut

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Earth Obelisk

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Water Obelisk

Wizard Quest Walkthrough

Gold Clock



There you have it. A simple Wizard Quest walkthrough. Get out there and start building farmers!

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