Stardew Valley Wizard Quest

In Stardew Valley, update 1.1, ConcernedApe added a bunch of new things for players to experience in the game. One area that received some new content is end game. End game content has been added for players who have finished either the Community Center or JoJo Mart. Following the completion of the buildings there is an endgame quest players can complete which involves helping the town wizard, M. Rasmodius. To help you complete this quest line here’s the complete Stardew Valley Wizard quest guide.

How to Start the Wizard Questline

Stardew Valley Wizard Railroad cutscene screenshot.
When you enter the Railroad area a cutscene with Wizard plays.

To begin the Wizard questline you need to have completed either the Community Center or the JojaMart. Once one of these buildings is done visit the Railroad area. When you enter the area you will trigger a cutscene with the Wizard. During this cutscene the Wizard tells you about the Dark Talisman. This starts the Dark Talisman quest.

In order to lower the magical barrier the Wizard requires a Dark Talisman. This means you need to find one for him. The Wizard gives you a hint that Krobus may be in possession of a Dark Talisman, so it is best to start your search by speaking to him in the Sewers.

The Sewers, and Krobus, is accessible once you’ve donated a total of 60 items to the Museum. Gunther gives you the Rusty Key which opens the sewer cover in south Pelican Town, or the grate in Cindersnap Forest. If you have the key go to the Sewers now. If you don’t, focus on gathering artifacts until you get it.

Where to Find the Dark Talisman

Inside the Sewers speak to Krobus and he will tell you about the Dark Talisman. Krobus doesn’t have the Dark Talisman but he does mention that he dropped it in the Mutant Bug Lair which becomes accessible through the door on the far left-side of the Sewers. Go through the door and head north through the Mutant Bug Lair until you reach Treasure Chest at the end. Inside is the chest is the Dark Talisman.

Take the Dark Talisman and head back to the Railroad area. Approach the magical barrier and the talisman will trigger, causing it to move. Go through the newly opened door to enter the Witch’s Swamp. Walk forward and speak to the Henchman blocking your path to trigger the next quest step called Goblin Problem.

How to Make the Goblin Henchman Move

Stardew Valley Henchman.
To advance you need to make the Henchman move.

To continue this questline you need to figure out how to get the Henchman to move. This requires knowing a little bit about what Goblin’s like. The answer to this conundrum comes from the Lost Book, Goblins by M. Jasper, in the Library. This book says that Goblins indulge in Void Mayonnaise.

The easiest method to acquire Void Mayonnaise for the Henchman is to simply turn and fish in the Witch’s Swamp. While the quest is active there is a 25% chance you fish up Void Mayo. Fish until you get a Void Mayo and then give it to the Henchman to have him move out of the way.

Where to Find the Magical Ink

Stardew Valley Magic Ink location.
In the Witch’s Hut the Magical Ink is on the left table.

Once the Henchman Goblin moves out of your way head north. Enter the Witch’s Hut. Inside the hut walk over to the table on the left and grab the Magical Ink. Take the Magical Ink and head back to the Wizard’s Tower. Give the Magical Ink to the Wizard. The Wizard gives you a magical book for helping him. This book unlocks six “magic” buildings you can build on The Farm.

Magic Farm Buildings

Stardew Valley Magical Buildings Book in Wizard's Tower.
The magical building book is shown here.

The magic book given by the Wizard can be accessed on the pedestal above the cauldron in the Wizard’s Tower. When you interact with this book you can build special magical buildings on your Farm. There are a total of six “magic” buildings you can build. The recipes and requirements for each building are as follows:

Earth Obelisk.Warps you to the mountains. 1,000,000g.
10x Iridium Bar.
10x Earth Crystal.
Water Obelisk.Warps you to the beach. 1,000,000g.
5x Iridium Bar.
10x Clam.
10x Coral.
Desert Obelisk. Warps you to the desert. 1,000,000g.
20x Iridium Bar.
10x Coconut.
10x Cactus Fruit.
Island Obelisk. Warp to Ginger Island. 1,000,000g.
10x Iridium Bar.
10x Dragon Tooth.
10x Banana.
Junimo Hut. Junimos will harvest crops around the hut for you. 20,000g.
200x Stone.
9x Starfruit.
100x Fiber.
Gold Clock. Prevents debris from appearing on your farm. Keeps fence from decaying. 10,000,000g.

Unlike the buildings that Robin builds, the magic buildings are created immediately upon using the magic book inside of the tower. You can also move or demolish any farm building from this book as well.

Most of the magic buildings listed above are well worth the effort to acquire. Things like the Obelisks and the Junimo Hut buildings provide major time savers in both the traveling and harvesting categories. If you are going for Perfection the Gold Clock must be built.

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