How to Go to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Willy's broken boat.

Stardew Valley update 1.5 introduced a number of new additions to the popular farming game from ConcernedApe. One of the larger additions is a new island location called Ginger Island. This location is an entirely brand new place to visit and explore in the game. There are a wide variety of activities to complete on this island so you will definitely want to visit it. To learn how to go to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley see our guide below.

Sail to Ginger Island

Stardew Valley Willy's Boat repaired by Willy and Robin.
Fix the ship in Willy’s shop to travel to Ginger Island.

To get to Ginger Island you need to first reach end-game in Stardew Valley. This means you need to have completed either the Community Center Bundles or the Joja Warehouse Joja Community Development Form. After you’ve completed either of these building’s last bundle or purchase you need to wait two days. After the second day you will receive a letter from Willy that is an invitation that says the following:

“I’ve unlocked the back room of the shop. Come by when you have a chance. There’s something I want to show you.”

Once this letter is received make your way to the Fish Shop on The Beach anytime after 9:00am. Inside the Fish Shop enter the back room. Upon entering this area you will trigger a cutscene featuring Willy’s Boat.

Willy’s Ship Material

During the cutscene you learn that the boat is broken and needs material to be repaired. To fix the boat you need to acquire certain materials from around Stardew Valley. The three things on the boat that need to be repaired are:

Ticket Machine

  • 5x Battery Packs.

Ship Hull

  • 200x Hardwood.

Iridium Anchor

  • 5x Iridium Bars.

To fix the different sections of the ship you need to collect the listed material above. Once you’ve done this go back to the ship and interact with the ! icons. You will be prompted to give up the material needed to make the repair. Do this for all three spots then head home and sleep. During the night Willy and Robin fix the ship.

Once the ship has been repaired you will receive a second letter from Willy. This letter tells you that the ship is now usable and the Fish Shop will open an hour earlier now at 8:00am each day to let you use it.

When ready to go to Ginger Island visit the Fish Shop back room and use the Ticket Machine. Purchase a ticket for 1,000g to watch a short cutscene as you sail to the new location.

Warp to the Island by Island Obelisk or Warp Totem Island

Stardew Valley Island Obelisk.
The Island Obelisk warps you to Ginger Island.

After you’ve set foot on Ginger Island for the first time you unlock the ability to build the Island Obelisk. This magic building can be unlocked at the Wizard’s Tower once you’ve completed the Wizard’s questline to get his Magical Ink back from his ex wife. This building requires the following:

  • 1,000,000g.
  • 10x Iridium Bar.
  • 10x Dragon Tooth.
  • 10x Banana.

Once the Island Obelisk is built it works like other Obelisks in the game. Interacting with the Obelisk on your farm warps you to Ginger Island’s warp totem location. Using the Island Obelisk is free-of-charge meaning you need to take at least 1,000 trips using it to earn your money back.

If the Island Obelisk seems a bit out of your price range there is another option in the Warp Totem: Island item. The recipe for this item can be purchased from the Volcano Dwarf for 10,000g. The totem allows you to warp to Ginger Island but is consumed on use.

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