Fire Mountain Dungeon Guide – Stardew Valley

In the 1.5 update for Stardew Valley there is a new dungeon players can explore in the Fern Islands. This dungeon resides on Ginger Island and features new random floors for players to explore. To help you make your way through the new dungeon see our Fire Mountain Dungeon guide below.

Where to Find the Fire Mountain

Image showing Where to Find the Volcano Dungeon on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley.
Entrance to the Volcano Dungeon.

The Fire Mountain can be found on the northside of Ginger Island. After you speak to Leo a fireball will appear that will guide you to the dungeon’s entrance. Enter the dungeon to reach its lobby area. Before getting started ensure you have a good selection of healing items on hand as the enemies hit fairly hard here.

How to Cross Lava in the Fire Mountain

Image showing How to Cross Lava in the Volcano Dungeon in Stardew Valley.
Safely cross lava using your Watering Can.

In the lobby of the Fire Mountain you will encounter one of the running puzzles, lava. At first it appears you are unable to cross the lava, but this is not true. To cross lava in this dungeon use your watering can to make a path. This will allow you to traverse lava to reach other areas separated by lava rivers. You can build a bridge over the lava later in the story.

In the lobby area make a path to the left in the lava to reach a section of the Fire Mountain that leads outside. In this outside area you will find 2x Golden Walnuts. Once you have those collected return to the lobby and head across the lava north to enter floor 1.

How Many Floors is the Fire Mountain Dungeon

The Fire Mountain Dungeon consists of a total of 10 randomized floors. Of these 10 floors both floors 5 and 10 are fixed, meaning they will be the same each time you reach them. On the fifth floor you will encounter the Dwarf. On the tenth floor you will reach the machine that allows you to enchant your tools and combined rings. Once you reach the tenth floor an elevator becomes available in the dungeon lobby to return to this floor whenever you wish. While you traverse the Fire Mountain floors here are some things to be aware of.


image showing Switches in the Fire Mountain dungeon of Stardew Valley.
Switches open locked doors in the dungeon.

Many of the exits on the dungeon’s floors are sealed by a locked door. These locked doors can be opened by hitting switches located on the dungeon floor. The amount of switches you need to open the door are shown on the panel beside it. Once all of the switches are pressed (by walking over them) the door will open.

Cinder Shards

Image showing the mineable Cinder Shrads rocks in Stardew Valley.
A resource found in the dungeon are Cinder Shards.

Cinder Shards are a very important and worthwhile material you will want to collect as you traverse this dungeon. This material allows you to enchant and combined your rings on the top floor of the mountain. Doing an enchantment or combination of rings requires having 20x Cinder Shards available to you. This material comes from killing enemies or mining rocks.

Golden Walnut

Another very important resource you will want to keep your eyes open for is the Golden Walnuts. These items are necessary to complete the Leo quest-line so you will want to grab them whenever possible. The golden walnuts appear to drop off of enemies in the dungeon rarely.


Chests are another thing you should be on the look out for as you make your way through the dungeon. These randomly spawn on floors and can be opened for a collection of rewards. They typically hold things like island seeds and other interesting things you may want to have.

While you lookout for these items on each floor I recommend simply rushing your way to floor 10. Once you’ve done that and unlocked the elevator you can then freely explore the dungeon’s random floors to your hearts content. Note you will spend a good deal of time in the dungeon as you complete the island.

What Happens if You Faint in The Fire Mountain Dungeon?

Image showing what happens when you faint in the Fire Mountain on Ginger Island.
If you faint in the dungeon, Willy will save you.

Fainting sometimes happens to the best of us and this may be cause for concern while you are in the Fire Mountain dungeon. If you do faint Willy will wake you up on the beach of Ginger Island. You will experience the same penalties as you would in the base game with both money and inventory being removed. That’s all that happens should you die while exploring. If you can avoid it don’t faint in the dungeon.

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