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The 1.5 update for Stardew Valley added a number of new additions to the popular farming simulator. One of the more interesting additions and possible most impactful is the addition of enchantments. Prior to this update there was no way of making your tools more effective. With enchantments you now can. Learn how to enchant in Stardew Valley below.

Reach Enchantment Machine on Floor 10 of Fire Mountain

Image showing the Enchantment Machine in Stardew Valley.
The enchanting machine on top of the Volcano dungeon.

To enchant items you need to first visit the Ginger Island. This island is accessible via the old ship in Willy’s Shop. Once you are on the island you will need to make your way through the Fire Mountain dungeon. This dungeon consists of a total of 10 floors to complete. On the tenth floor you will reach the top of the mountain where you will find a mysterious machine. This mysterious machine allows you to enchant your items.

How to Forge and Enchant Items?

Forging and enchanting in Stardew Valley is fairly straightforward, but does require having specific materials to do. To enchant you items you need to put the following into the enchantment machine:

  • Item (Tool, Weapon).
  • Gems (Forging) and Prismatic Shards (Enchanting).
  • Cinder Shards: Can be gathered in the Fire Mountain.

Once you have the requires items listed above you can place them all into the machine. When you do this you will cause the item added to be enchanted. This will give the item a certain additional characteristic like being more efficient for example.

Types of Enchantments

As I mentioned above there are different types of enchantments for players to apply on their weapons and tools. The types of enchantments that are available to you to apply are disclosed in the Journal Scrap #8. The enchantment types are split between Weapon and Tool:

Weapon Enchantments

ArtfulAllows you to do “special moves” more rapidly.
Bug KillerDo more damage to bugs.
VampiricOccasionally siphon health from a monster.
CrusaderDo more damage to “unholy” monsters.
HaymakerWhen cutting weeds, you get more fiber, and also a chance to collect hay.

Tool Enchantments

PowerfulDo more tool damage to stones, trees, and the like.
ReachingIncreases your charge-up capacity, for a greater area of effect.
ShavingChance to peel off additional wood when chopping.
BottomlessWatering can will never run dry.
GenerousDig up more from beneath the earth.
Archeologist Greater chance to find artifacts and bones.
EfficientTakes no energy to use.
SwiftSwing the tool faster.
MasterIncrease Fishing level.
Auto-hookAutomatically hooks fish when they bite.
PreservingBait and tackle have a 50% chance to not be consumed.

You can apply one of the random enchantments listed above when you use the forge on top of the Volcano Dungeon. Tools can be enchanted only while weapons can be forged and enchanted. Forging is related to the gem you apply while enchanting is done by adding a Prismatic Shard.

How to Combined Rings

Enchanting items is not the only thing this machine is good for. You can also combined rings together to allow for more interesting end-game builds. To create combined rings approach the enchanting machine and place both rings you wish to combined. Once the rings are placed you will need to add the required Cinder Shards. The outcome of the combination will be a ring with the attributes of both rings on it.

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