How to Get the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley

The Mini-Forge placed on the Farm in Stardew Valley.

The Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley is a machine players can acquire as of Update 1.6. This machine, when used, allows players to access the services of the Forge, located at the top of the Volcano Dungeon. This portable version drastically cuts down on travel time, making it possible to do Forge activities without visiting Ginger Island. If you are unsure of how to get the Mini-Forge in Stardew Valley, this guide is for you.

Unlock the Mini-Forge Recipe and Craft It

Stardew Valley Combat Mastery unlock list including Trinkets.
The Mini-Forge is one of the unlocks of Combat Mastery.

To acquire the Mini-Forge, you must first unlock its recipe through the Mastery system introduced in Update 1.6. This system enables players to unlock special Masteries from the Mastery Cave. Specifically, you need to unlock the Combat Mastery to unlock and be able to use the Mini-Forge recipe.

Once you’ve unlocked the Mini-Forge Recipe, the next step is to craft it. The recipe for a Mini-Forge requires players to have the following materials available:

  • Dragon Tooth x5
  • Iron Bar x10
  • Gold Bar x10
  • Iridium Bar x5

Open the crafting menu and navigate to the Mini-Forge recipe. Craft it and then place it wherever you wish to have access to the machine.

What Does the Mini-Forge Do?

The Mini-Forge is a valuable addition to your collection. When placed and accessible, players can interact with it to access the Forge, typically found on Floor 10 of the Volcano Dungeon. With the Mini-Forge, players can upgrade weapons, enchant tools, combine rings, and alter weapon appearances, all conveniently from their own Farm.

The Mini-Forge is not the only new item that has been added to Stardew Valley. Players can unlock the new Anvil machine to re-roll Trinkets stats. They can also enter the basement of Mayor Lewis’s house to find an interesting reward.

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