Stardew Valley Mayor’s Basement

Lewis angry in Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley Update 1.6, players can explore exciting new features. While some additions are immediately apparent, others await discovery. One notable find is the ability to access the Stardew Valley Mayor’s basement. This hidden area contains a maze for players to navigate, providing the opportunity to obtain a familiar item.

How to Visit the Basement in Mayor Lewis’s House

Update 1.6 brings the opportunity for players to explore the basement of Mayor Lewis’s House. To gain entry, you must first build your relationship with Mayor Lewis, reaching a minimum of two hearts to access his bedroom. Once this is achieved, the next step is to craft a Staircase. To do so, you must unlock the Staircase (Recipe) by reaching Mining Level 2 and then craft one using 99 Stone.

Exact spot by bed to place the Staircase in Mayor Lewis's Bedroom to reach the basement.
Place the Staircase here to access the basement.

After fulfilling both requirements, proceed to Mayor Lewis’s House. You can enter between 8:30 am and 10 pm, or at any time with the Key to the Town. Once inside, head to the Mayor’s bedroom (the right room). In the bedroom, take out your Staircase and position it where it appears green. This action will automatically transport you downstairs into the basement.

What’s in the Basement of Mayor Lewis’s House?

Upon entering the basement of Mayor Lewis’s house, you are greeted by almost pure darkness. The area lacks sufficient lighting, making navigation challenging. If you have torches, you can place them to illuminate the room and reveal its two main features: a maze and, at the end, a pair of Lucky Purple Shorts.

Mayor Lewis’s Basement Maze Solution

Path through the maze in Mayor Lewis's basement.
Follow this path to reach the Lucky Purple Shorts.

To reach the Lucky Purple Shorts in the basement, you need to navigate the maze. Follow the path highlighted in the screenshot above. This will lead you to the shorts, allowing you to pick them up and add them to your inventory.

Upon picking up the Lucky Purple Shorts you will trigger an enemy to appear. This enemy is a pair of floating cursed Lucky Purple Shorts that will chase you through the maze. This enemy is unkillable and deals damage if it hits you. Retrace your steps through the maze, return to the ladder, and use it to escape the basement.

You can visit the Stardew Valley Mayor’s manor basement as many times as you’d like to obtain as many pairs of Lucky Purple Shorts as you need. This is advantageous for those wanting to utilize the boxers for various purposes.

What Can You Do with The Lucky Purple Shorts?

The Lucky Purple Shorts boast a surprising array of uses in Stardew Valley, linking to various activities, and unlocking several secret interactions that many players may have overlooked. Some of the actions you can perform with the shorts include:

  • Give them to Lewis while he’s visiting Ginger Island to make him wear them as beach attire for a season.
  • Put them in the Luau Soup to get a unique response from the Governor and Lewis.
  • Put them in the Stardew Valley Fair grange display to get disqualified and receive 750 Star Tokens from Lewis to keep his secret.
  • If put in the grange display, Marnie has special dialogue after seeing them.
  • Tailor them with a Gold Bar to create Trimmed Lucky Purple Shorts, which the player can wear. Both Lewis and Marnie will react to you when you wear them.
  • Gift to Marnie for unique dialogue.

There is a lot of lore and theories around the relationship between Marnie and Lewis and the inclusion of the Stardew Valley Mayor’s basement adds a fun little addition to the story.

Visiting the basement is not the only secret added in Stardew Valley’s Update 1.6. A popular weapon from Terraria, Meowmere, has been added to the game. Additionally players can snag a free Cactus every year thanks to a new character.

Thoughts on our guide to the Stardew Valley Mayor’s basement secret? Drop them in the comments below.



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