Stardew Valley Free Cactus: A Yearly Desert Festival Freebie

The free cactis man stall during the Desert Festival in Stardew Valley.

Every year, during the Desert Festival, the enigmatic Stardew Valley free cactus man emerges in the Calico Desert, offering players a complimentary cactus. This enticing freebie adds an element of intrigue, as players can acquire it at no cost simply by conversing with the man. If you’re keen on securing your own free cactus, discover how to do so in our guide below.

Where is the Cactus Salesman?

Annually, in Stardew Valley, the Desert Festival unfolds between Spring 15th, 16th, and 17th. During this vibrant celebration, players can go to the Calico Desert to immerse themselves in its festivities. An activity available during this event is speaking with the free cactus man, who generously offers players a complimentary Cactus furniture item.

To locate the cactus NPC, head to the Calico Desert when the Desert Festival is active. In the desert go south until you reach the lower section with the pond. Here, you’ll find the cactus man’s stall, adorned with a sign proclaiming “free cactis“.

How to Get the Free Cactus During the Desert Festival

Once you’ve located the cactus man, approach and speak to him. He will ask you, “Are you ready to welcome a new cactus into your life?” This question is followed by a Yes or No selection. Choose Yes to receive your complimentary cactus.

A collections of Cactus of varying designs from the free Cactus Man in Stardew Valley.
Some of the Cactus designs you can get.

You can only receive one cactus from this character per year. Each cactus he gives out will be a little bit different, as the design is randomized. The pot, cactus, face, and ‘hair’ all come from a randomized pool, resulting in unique variations. You can see some of these unique designs in the image above.

Cactus you receive cannot be sold but can be trashed. If you don’t want to display it you can also place it in a Chest or somewhere outside on your farm or around the valley.

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