How to Get Meowmere in Stardew Valley

The farmer receiving meowmere from a cat in Stardew Valley.

There is a hidden Terraria weapon that players can unlock in Stardew Valley thanks to Update 1.6. To claim the cat themed Meowmere, players must complete an interesting crossover easter egg, but it does take some effort to complete. For detailed instructions on how to get Meowmere in Stardew Valley, refer to our guide below.

Get the Far Away Stone From the Level 100 Mine’s Lava Lake

Bone Serpent giving the farmer the Far Away Stone in Stardew Valley.
The Far Away Stone is given to you by a Bone Serpent.

Before players can obtain Meowmere for themselves, they first need to acquire a new item called the Far Away Stone. This item was added into the game in Update 1.6 and can be found in the lava lake on Level 100 of the Mines. To get the item from the lake, you’re not fishing; instead, you need to throw an Ancient Doll into the lava. Doing this triggers an interaction in which a Bone Serpent (enemy from Terraria) appears and gives the player the Far Away Stone.

Place the Far Away Stone in the Wizard’s Basement

After obtaining the Far Away Stone, you must access the basement of the Wizard’s Tower. You can accomplish this by either raising the Wizard’s relationship to 4 hearts or completing the late-game Dark Talisman and Goblin Problem quests. Both ways give you access to the basement which is where we need to go next.

Farmer placing the Far Away Stone in the Wizard's Tower's basement.
Place the Far Away Stone on this stand in the Wizard’s Tower’s Basement room.

Regardless of your method, enter the Wizard’s Tower’s Basement Room. Once inside, walk to the far right. Equip the Far Away Stone and place it on the holder there. Doing this action triggers a cutscene where a cat comes through a portal and delivers Meowmere to you.

Meowmere Sword Details

  • Description: An unusual weapon from a far away land…
  • Level 4
  • 20-20 Damage
  • +4 Speed
  • +2 Weight
  • Sells for 200g

While the sword has an intriguing appearance, it is relatively weak compared to other weapons in the game. The Galaxy Sword and Infinity Weapons both offer higher damage and are more beneficial in the end-game.

Meowmere is just one of multiple new additions that have been added to Stardew Valley in Update 1.6. There is a new desert festival players can take part in that features a trivia NPC. Check out our Scholar’s answer guide for help answering his questions.

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