Stardew Valley Goblin Problem Quest Guide

Henchman blocking the path leading to the Witch's Hut in Stardew Valley.

Once you’ve obtained the Dark Talisman and ventured into the Witch’s Swamp in Stardew Valley, you’ll come across the Henchman, a goblin creature obstructing the path to the Witch’s Hut. To proceed further, you must find a solution to persuade the goblin to move. For assistance with this task, refer to our Stardew Valley Goblin Problem quest guide below.

Make the Goblin Henchman Move

To continue this questline you need to figure out how to get the Henchman to move. This requires knowing a little bit about what Goblin’s like. The answer to this conundrum comes from the Lost Book, Goblins by M. Jasper, in the Library. This book says that Goblins indulge in Void Mayonnaise.

The Farmer fishing in the Witch's Swamp in Stardew Valley.
You can fish a Void Mayonnaise from the Witch’s Swamp.

The easiest way to obtain Void Mayonnaise for the Henchman is by fishing in the Witch’s Swamp. While the quest is active, there’s a 25% chance of fishing up a Void Mayonnaise if you don’t have one in your inventory.

Alternatively, you can purchase a Void Egg from Krobus and process it into Void Mayonnaise using a Mayonnaise Machine. Another option is to obtain a Void Chicken, wait for it to lay a Void Egg, and then convert it into Void Mayonnaise.

Once you have the Void Mayonnaise, return to the Witch’s Swamp and give it to the Henchman to get him to move out of the way. Walk forward and enter the Witch’s Hut.

Collect the Magical Ink and Return to the Wizard

Stardew Valley Magic Ink location.
In the Witch’s Hut the Magical Ink is on the left table.

In the Witch’s Hut, go to the table on the left and retrieve the Magical Ink. Use the red teleportation rune on the ground of the Witch’s Hut to warp to the Wizard’s Tower’s Basement. Head upstairs to trigger a cutscene where you hand over the Magical Ink to the Wizard. As a token of gratitude, the Wizard rewards you with access to the Book of Summoning.

The Book of Summoning grants you the ability to construct six “magic” buildings on The Farm. These buildings have no build time but come with a hefty price tag. Each building possesses unique magical properties, such as enabling teleportation and summoning a Junimo workforce to aid you on The Farm.

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