Stardew Valley Book of Summoning Buildings

The Book of Summoning in the Wizard's Tower in Stardew Valley.

The Stardew Valley Book of Summoning is a valuable item that players can obtain in the Wizard’s Tower after completing the Dark Talisman and Goblin Problem quests. With this book, players can summon six special magical buildings on their farm, each offering unique bonuses and advantages.

Wizard’s Tower Book of Summoning Buildings

To construct the magic buildings from the Book of Summoning, players need to visit the Wizard’s Tower and interact with the book in the left corner. Interacting with the book opens a menu similar to Robin’s building services. Once a building is selected, players can place it anywhere on their farm, provided the chosen spot is not obstructed.

Earth ObeliskWarps you to the mountains. 1,000,000g.
10x Iridium Bar.
10x Earth Crystal.
Water ObeliskWarps you to the beach. 1,000,000g.
5x Iridium Bar.
10x Clam.
10x Coral.
Desert ObeliskWarps you to the desert. 1,000,000g.
20x Iridium Bar.
10x Coconut.
10x Cactus Fruit.
Island Obelisk (available after unlocking Ginger Island)Warp to Ginger Island. 1,000,000g.
10x Iridium Bar.
10x Dragon Tooth.
10x Banana.
Junimo HutJunimos will harvest crops around the hut for you. 20,000g.
200x Stone.
9x Starfruit.
100x Fiber.
Gold Clock*Prevents debris from appearing on your farm. Keeps fence from decaying. 10,000,000g.

* Can now be turned on/off as of Update 1.6.6.

The absence of build time for these buildings contributes to their higher costs, making them instantly available upon purchase. Players have the freedom to construct multiple instances of any listed building, constrained only by available farm space.

A noteworthy detail concerning the Junimo Hut is its upgradable functionality. Secret Notes #24 and #26 suggest enhancing the huts by placing gems or Raisins inside. Gems alter the Junimos’ colors, while Raisins boost the likelihood of Junimos harvesting double the crops.

Which is the best of the Stardew Valley Book of Summoning buildings? Let me know in the comments below.



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