Stardew Valley Chickens

Stardew Valley Brown and White Chickens.

Chickens are one of the major animals players can raise in Stardew Valley to produce animal goods. These animals are steady providers of eggs that players can use to make more chickens, sell, or make Mayonnaise. This Stardew Valley Chickens guide walks through what types of chickens there are in the game and what they do.

White and Brown Chickens

The first group of chickens is the main/normal group. This group consists of two types of chickens: White and Brown. Both types of chickens can be purchased from Marnie or incubated from either brown or white eggs.

Speaking of eggs the Brown Chicken produces brown eggs while the White Chicken produces white eggs. Neither egg is better or worse than the other. The color of the eggs are purely cosmetic. Both eggs sell for the same amount and make the same Mayonnaise when placed into a Mayonnaise Machine.

Blue Chickens

Stardew Valley Blue Chicken.
A blue chick.

If White and Brown chickens are too plain for you, I have good news. There is a special Blue Chicken players can unlock by pursuing a friendship with Shane. Reaching 8 hearts or higher with Shane and experiencing the heart event associated with that friendship level unlocks Blue Chickens. You then need to either purchase one from Marnie or get lucky with an incubated brown/white egg (25% chance).

Blue Chickens are almost identical to the White and Brown Chickens but they are blue in color. This type of chicken still produces white/brown eggs. These eggs sell for the same prices as from the normal chickens and can be used to make Mayonnaise.

One benefit of these chickens, besides being super unique looking, is that they stand out. This makes seeing them when they are outside the coop, roaming your farm, much easier than their brown and white counterparts.

Void Chickens

Stardew Valley Void Chicken.
The Void Chicken is dark in color.

Up to this point we’ve discussed chickens that are all similar. Now is the time to start getting a bit weird. Void Chickens are the first real deviation from the standard chickens you encounter in the game. The reason for this is both how you get them and what they produce.

To get a Void Egg which you can incubate into a Void Chicken you can either buy one from Krobus in the Sewers or wait until the Witch random event occurs, bringing a Void Egg to your coop. Once a Void Egg is acquired simply incubate it to get a Void Chicken.

Void Chickens produce Void Eggs. These can be sold as is or turned into a special Void Mayonnaise by placing them into a Mayonnaise Maker. Void Mayonnaise is different from normal Mayonnaise. Void Mayonnaise is a quest item needed to help the Wizard get his Magical Ink back.

Golden Chicken

Stardew Valley Golden Chicken.
The Golden Chicken is gold in color.

The final of the Chickens players can acquire is the incredibly laborious Golden Chicken. This Chicken is only available to players that complete the Perfection ending of the game. This means they have completed 100% of the tasks necessary to reach The Summit. Once this mark is reached the Golden Chicken becomes available by getting a Golden Egg from a few methods:

Buy from Marnie.100,000g (under Animal Supplies).
Buy from Qi’s Walnut Room.100 Qi Gems.
Golden Witch visit.A Golden Witch may visit your coop and leave a Golden Egg.
Fishing Treasure Chest.0.12% chance to find.

Regardless of acquisition the method, once you have a Golden Egg you can incubate it to get a Golden Chicken. The Golden Chicken produces Golden Eggs which are more valuable than normal eggs. Additionally these eggs produce 3x Gold Quality Mayonnaise if placed into a Mayonnaise Machine.

How Much Do Chicken Eggs Sell For?

Stardew Valley Silver Quality Golden Egg sold.
A single Silver Quality Golden Egg sold with the Rancher Bonus.

Now that we’ve explored the types of Chickens let’s take a closer look at the selling prices of the good they produce, Chicken Eggs. As mentioned above the different types of Chickens produce different types of eggs. This means there are different sale prices for the eggs they produce. The table below walks you through the different sell prices:

Without Rancher Bonus

B/W 50g62g75g100g
B/W (L) 95g118g142g190g
Void Egg65g81g97g130g
Golden Egg500g625g750g1,000g

With Rancher Bonus (+20%)

B/W 60g74g90g120g
B/W (L) 114g142g170g228g
Void Egg78g97g116g156g
Golden Egg600g750g900g1,200g

As you can see there is a wide range of prices available for selling the different types of eggs. If you are solely focusing on making as much money as possible off of selling eggs, the best type to have is the Golden Egg.

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