Stardew Valley Golden Chicken

Stardew Valley Golden Chicken.

In Stardew Valley one of the major farm animals players can get is chickens. These egg laying creatures come in a couple of different colors at the start (white and brown), but there is also a rare Golden Chicken players can acquire. To learn how to get the Stardew Valley Golden Chicken, see our guide below.

1. Build a Big or Deluxe Coop

Stardew Valley Big Coop.
The Big Coop required building materials.

Before you can start building your super mega Golden Chicken farm you need to ensure you have the ability to incubate Chicken Eggs. This means you need to have or build at least a Big or Deluxe Coop on your farm. To do this simply visit the Pelican Town carpenter, Robin, and choose Construct Farm Buildings. Once you’ve built a Coop you can upgrade it to Big Coop by providing her the required materials for either size building.

Big Coop Materials

  • 10,000g.
  • 400x Wood.
  • 150x Stone.

Deluxe Coop Materials

  • 20,000g.
  • 500x Wood.
  • 200x Stone.

Once you’ve bought the Big or Deluxe Coop from Robin it takes her two days to build it. With the Coop built you can use the included incubator to hatch chickens on your farm. This is a must for getting Golden Chickens on your farm.

2. Attain Perfection (100% The Game)

Stardew Valley The Summit ending.
The Summit is unlocked when you reach Perfection.

Building a Big or Deluxe Coop is just the first step in what is a fairly long process. Once you have a place to put your Golden Chicken, you then need to unlock Golden Chicken Eggs. To do this you are required to 100% the game. This means completing the following gameplay elements:

  • Ship one of every Produce and Forage item.
  • Build all 4 Obelisks.
  • Build Golden Clock.
  • Complete Monster Slayer Hero.
  • Befriend Everyone.
  • Reach Farmer Level 25.
  • Found all Stardrops.
  • Cook every recipe.
  • Craft every recipe.
  • Catch all fish.
  • Collect 130 Golden Walnuts.

Once you’ve completed all of the requirements listed above you unlock The Summit and the Perfection ending. Alongside the unlock of the ending you also unlock Golden Eggs which is what is required to get start getting Golden Chickens on your farm.

3. Hatch Golden Chickens

Stardew Valley Mr. Qi Walnut Room Golden Egg.
You can buy Golden Eggs in the Walnut Room.

The main key to getting Golden Chickens is to acquire Golden Eggs you can then incubate into a Golden Chicken. To get the Golden Eggs needed to complete this step there are a few methods after you attain Perfection:

Buy from Marnie.100,000g (under Animal Supplies).
Buy from Qi’s Walnut Room.100 Qi Gems.
Golden Witch visit.A Golden Witch may visit your coop and leave a Golden Egg.
Fishing Treasure Chest.0.12% chance to find.

These listed methods are the only ways to get Golden Chickens in the game currently. Unlike having Blue Chickens, there is an actual benefit to Golden Chickens. Golden Chickens produce Golden Eggs. Golden Eggs sell for more. Additionally they make 3x Gold Quality Mayonnaise when used in the Mayo Machine.

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