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In Stardew Valley players will notice a distinct lack of available energy when they first start the game. This lack of energy causes one to get tired quickly and days to be less efficient. To combat this lack of energy there is an item in game which helps alleviate this stress. Called the Stardrop, this mystical fruit can be consumed to raise your maximum energy level, allowing you to get more done. In total there are 7 Stardrops to collect. This guide will show you Stardew Valley all Stardrop locations.

Stardrop #1 Location: Stardew Valley Fall Fair

Stardrop #1 Location: Stardew Valley Fall Fair
Stardrop #1 Location: Stardew Valley Fall Fair

Every fall on the 16th day of the month there is a fair held in the town square of Pelican Town. During the fair players have the chance to participate in in different events to earn tokens. To purchase the Stardrop you need to collect 2,000 tokens. The easiest methods to earn the required tokens are fishing and winning the showcase. After you’ve gathered the 2,000 tokens you will be able to purchase the Stardrop Fruit.

Stardrop #2 Location: The Secret Woods

Stardrop #2 Location The Secret Woods
Stardrop #2 Location The Secret Woods

Southwest of your farm there is an area called The Secret Woods. In this area there is a strange statue called Old Master Cannoli. Cannoli wants you to give him the sweetest things in the world. To do this purchase a Rare Seed from the from the Travelling Cart. Plant the seed, watch it grow then take the Sweet Gem Berry to the statue. Give the Sweet Gem Berry to Cannoli to get a Stardrop Fruit.

Stardrop #3 Location: Level 100 of Mines

Stardrop #3 Location: Level 100 of Mines

To get this Stardrop Fruit, make your way to level 100 in the mines. On level 100 there will be a chest. Inside the chest is a Stardrop Fruit.

Stardrop #4 Location: Krobus in Sewers

Stardrop #4 Location Krobus in Sewers

To reach the sewers (and the next Stardrop Fruit) you need to donate 60 artifacts to the Museum to earn the item Rusty Key. Once you have the key you can access the sewers which is home to a vendor called Krobus. Krobus sells one Stardrop Fruit for 20,000g. Buy it!

Stardrop #5 Location: Your Spouse

Stardrop #5 Location: Your Spouse

This one takes a bit of time to complete as you need to romance and marry one of the eligible marriage candidates in Stardew Valley. Once you’ve tied the knot, you will need to continue giving your loved ones gifts until you raise their love to 12/13 hearts. After this they will randomly give it to you as a gift.

Stardrop #6 Location: Become a Master Angler

Stardrop #6 Location Become a Master Angler

To earn this Stardrop Fruit you need to catch every type of fish in Stardew Valley. Once you’ve caught all the fish, Willy will send you a letter with a Stardrop Fruit inside.

Stardrop #7 Location: Donate 95 Items to Museum

Stardrop #7 Location Donate 95 Items to Museum

The final Stardrop Fruit can be earned by donating all 95 items to the museum. After you’ve donated all 95 items, Gunther will give you a Stardrop Fruit as your reward.

That’s all the locations of the 7 Stardrop Fruits in Stardew Valley. Unlocking all of these fruit will earn you The Mystery of the Stardrops achievement. Good luck!

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