Stardew Valley: 100% Completion Rewards List

Stardew Valley The Summit ending.

In Update 1.5 of Stardew Valley players can now complete the game. This completion comes in the form of a checklist that has been added to the Golden Walnut Room on Ginger Island. To reach 100% completion you need to complete a wide variety of activities in the game. If you are interesting in seeing what the Stardew Valley 100% completion rewards are for putting the effort in see our list below.

Access to The Summit Cutscene/Ending

Stardew Valley The Summit ending with Emily.
The Summit ending.

The first unlock you receive from reaching 100% completion in Stardew Valley is access to The Summit. The next day, after you’ve reached Perfection, you will get a message saying “A rumbling sound was heard in the distance…” This message let’s you know you’ve unlocked access to The Summit.

To get to The Summit go to the Railroad area. In the north part of this area, next to the dumpster, is a path that is normally blocked by a large boulder. If you attempt to go to this location prior to 100% completion boulder will not move. Once you do reach full completion the boulder moves overnight and the path becomes accessible to you. Climbing to the top of The Summit yields a special cutscene with your spouse or Morris/Lewis if you are single. Following speaking to those NPCS players watch a brief sequence showing different characters from the game.

Statue of True Perfection Reward

Stardew Valley Statue of True Perfection.
The Statue of True Perfection.

After you visit The Summit you can return to Mr. Qi’s room on Ginger Island. Here you can interact with the Perfection Tracker to receive the Statue of True Perfection. As the name of this statue suggests the item is the most valuable statue you can receive in the game. When you place the Statue of True Perfection it generates 1x Prismatic Shard per day.

Golden Eggs & Golden Chickens Unlocked

Stardew Valley Golden Chicken and Golden Egg.
Golden Egg & Golden Chicken.

The next rewards are the Golden Eggs and Golden Chickens. When you reach 100% completion you can get Golden Eggs from a four sources: buy from Marnie’s Ranch for 100K Gold, buy from Qi’s Walnut Room for 100 Qi Gems, have it laid by a Golden Chicken, or rarely from a Fishing Treasure Chest.

The Golden Chickens come from a few sources but the easiest is to simply incubate a Golden Egg. Once you’ve done this you will wake to a Golden Chicken in your coop. Golden Chickens produce Golden Eggs once they start laying. Alternatively you can wait for a Golden Witch random event to occur on your farm which changes a Chicken to Golden.

??? Hat

Stardew Valley ??? hat that looks like ConcernedApe animal.
The ??? Hat makes you look like ConcernedApe.

There is a special hat you can unlock upon reaching Perfection called the ??? Hat. This hat can be found by going to the top of the Volcano Caldera dungeon. Here you will find a monkey taking a dip in the lava. Interact with the monkey to receive the ??? Hat. This hat is a mask that makes players look like the ConcernedApe logo at the start of the game.

Other Unlocks

Stardew Valley Grandpa Shrine after completing the Perfection ending.
Grandpa’s Shrine after reaching Perfection.

The above listed items are all of the major item unlocks you get from reaching Perfection. The other unlocks are more subtle and have less of an impact on the gameplay. The list below is the remaining unlocks you will find following reaching Perfection:

  • Text appears the morning after Perfection is achieved, saying “You feel it in your heart: somewhere, somehow… Grandpa is beaming with pride. The legacy of (Farm’s name) Farm is eternal.”
  • A Stardrop carving appears above Grandpa’s Shrine on your farm.
  • A flock of Ginger Island parrots fly over the farm.

That’s all of the rewards you unlock for 100% completion in Stardew Valley. While completing the game is very difficult and time intensive, the rewards you receive for your effort are well worth it. If you want to track your progress on PC the Live Progress Bar mod is definitely a useful to use. Good luck.

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