Stardew Valley Perfection Hat Unlock Guide

There is a very special hidden hat that players can unlock in Stardew Valley that makes them look like the ConcernedApe animal at the beginning of the game. This hat is called the ??? hat and it requires completing a major task in the game to unlock it. To help you learn how to get the hat for yourself see our Stardew Valley Perfection hat unlock guide below.

Reach Perfection

Stardew Valley Perfection ending on The Summit.
The Summit is one of the Perfection unlocks.

When Stardew Valley first launched there was no real endgame or clear ending to it. As the year’s passed ConcernedApe added more additions to the game. One major addition was the ability to “beat the game.” Beating the game consists of reaching Perfection which is consists of completing specific tasks on the Perfection Tracker statue in Qi’s Walnut Room in Ginger Island.

Once you’ve reached perfection by completing all of the tasks on the Perfection Tracker statue you will unlock a variety of new rewards in the game. Check out the Perfection rewards list for more details on those. The one we want to focus on is the ??? hat.

Where to Get the ??? Hat

Stardew Valley ??? hat that looks like ConcernedApe animal.
The ??? Hat worn by the Farmer.

Upon reaching Perfection you should go home and sleep. On the next day you will see a couple of messages confirming the feat has been accomplished. Once you’ve seen the messages make your way to Ginger Island. Head to the Volcano Caldera dungeon and go to the very top where the Forge is located.

At the top of the volcano you will find a monkey in the lava pool on the left-side. Go up to this monkey and interact with it. It will give you the ??? hat. This hat, when equipped, makes the farmer look like the animal ConcernedApe used in his logo shown when you start up Stardew Valley.

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