Stardew Valley Hats Guide: Where to Get and How to Unlock

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In Stardew Valley there are a few ways for players to upgrade the look of their farmers. The first method is through clothing and the second method is through hats. Hats are an interesting group of unlockable cosmetic items players can equip on themselves, their horses, their children, and even their pets. To learn more about them here’s our complete Stardew Valley hats guide.

How to Get Hats in Stardew Valley

In Stardew Valley, acquiring hats can be achieved through several methods. Firstly, completing achievements unlocks hats at the Hat Mouse. Secondly, hats are available for purchase from various merchants in the game. Thirdly, completing requests or festival challenges can also reward players with hats. Lastly, hats can be crafted using the Tailoring system.

Where is the Hat Mouse in Stardew Valley

The Hat Mouse serves as the primary source of hats in Stardew Valley. This NPC becomes available in your game after you complete the first achievement. Upon completing the achievement, you’ll receive a letter from the mouse informing you of their arrival in town. To locate the Hat Mouse, head to the southern area of Cindersnap Forest and search for them in the abandoned shack there.

When you speak to the Hat Mouse you will notice it has a low inventory of hats. This is by design. Each time you complete an achievement in the game a new hat is added to its inventory for players to be. This means you will need to check back regularly to see what he has for sale.

How to Get Every Hat in Stardew Valley

There are a number of different hats to unlock in Stardew Valley from a variety of sources. The table below features all available hats in the game and how to unlock them. Any hats that are linked take you to guides featuring more details on how to unlock the.

Hat/MaskHow to Unlock
???Reach 100% and then interact with the Monkey in the Volcano
Abigail’s BowBuy from Abigail’s Shop during the Desert Festival
Arcane HatDefeat 100 Mummies
Archer’s CapCook every recipe
Blobfish MaskTailoring
Blue BonnetDonate 40 different items to the Museum
Blue BowBuy from Calico Desert Festival trader for Calico Eggs x50
Blue Cowboy HatRandom treasure chest drop in Skull Cavern
Blue RibbonGet first place in the Stardew Valley Fair
Bowler HatEarn 1,000,000g
Bridal VeilTailoring
Bucket HatA prize from the Trout Derby
Butterfly BowReach a 5-heart friend level with someone
Chef HatCook every recipe
Cat EarsReach a 10-heart friend level with 8 people
Chicken MaskComplete 40 Help Wanted requests
Cone HatBuy during the Night Market at the Magic Shop Boat
Cool CapEarn 250,000g
Copper PanPlace the Copper Pan in the hat slot in the character menu
Cowboy HatComplete the museum collection
Cowgal HatShip 300 of one crop
Cowpoke HatShip 15 of each crop
DaisyCraft 15 different items
Dark Ballcap
Dark Cowboy HatRandom treasure chest drop in Skull Cavern
Dark Velvet BowBuy from Calico Desert Festival trader for Calico Eggs x75
Delicate BowCook 10 different recipes
Deluxe Cowboy HatGinger Island Trader on Fridays in exchange for 30 Taro Roots.
Deluxe Pirate HatRandom treasure chest drop in Volcano
Dinosaur HatTailoring
EarmuffsReach a 5-heart friend level with 20 people
Elegant TurbanEarn all other Achievements
Emily’s Magic HatObtained in Emily’s 14-heart cutscene
Eye PatchCatch every fish
Fashion HatTailoring
Flat Topped HatTailoring
Floppy BeanieTailoring
Forager’s HatTailoring
Frog HatCaught in the Gourmand Frog’s cave on Ginger Island
Garbage hat0.2% chance to find while checking Garbage Cans in Town, only after checking 20 cans
Gil’s HatReward from going into the Skull Cavern during the Desert Festival. Speak to Gil to receive it after completing at least level 25.
Gnome’s CapCraft every Item.
Goblin MaskShip every item.
Gold PanPlace the Gold Pan in the hat slot in the character menu
Golden HelmetGolden Coconut (5% chance on opening)
Golden MaskTailoring
Good Ol’ CapEarn 15,000g.
Governor’s HatDelight the Governor during the Luau
Green TurbanDesert Trader in exchange for 50 Omni Geodes
Hair BoneTailoring
Hard HatDefeat 30 Duggies
Hunter’s CapUpgrade your house to the maximum size
Infinity CrownObtain the most powerful weapon
Iridium PanPlace the Iridium Pan in the hat slot in the character menu
Jester HatSee a movie
Joja Cap
Junimo HatReach the summit
Knight’s HelmetDefeat 50 Pepper Rex
Laurel Wreath Crown
Leprechaun HatIn the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that appears by the waterfall in Cindersnap Forest on Spring 17
Living Hat– 0.001% chance to find while cutting weeds
– 0.01% chance of dropping from Wilderness Golems
Logo CapTailoring
Lucky BowEarn 50,000g.
Magic Cowboy HatBuy from Desert Trader for 333 Omni Geodes, odd days
Magic TurbanBuy from Desert Trader for 333 Omni Geodes, even days
Mouse EarsReach 10-heart friend level with someone.
Mr. Qi’s HatBuy from Qi’s Walnut Room for 5 Qi Gems
Mummy MaskBuy from Calico Desert Festival trader for Calico Eggs x120
Mushroom Cap1% chance of dropping when chopping down a Mushroom Tree
Mystery HatCan be found in Mystery Boxes and Golden Mystery Boxes
Official CapCatch 24 different fish
Pageboy CapRead every book
Panda HatWeGame exclusive. Can be acquired using item generator mod
Paper HatReach Ginger Island
Party HatsTailoring
Pink BowBuy from Dwarf in Volcano Dungeon
Pirate HatTailoring
Plum ChapeauCook 25 different recipes
Polka BowComplete 10 Help Wanted requests.
Propellor HatTailoring
Pumpkin MaskTailoring
Qi MaskTailoring
Raccoon Hat– Fulfill third request from the Raccoon at The Giant Stump
– Buy from Raccoon Shop for 10 Mix Seeds
Radioactive GogglesTailoring
Red Cowboy HatRandom drop from treasure chests in the Skull Cavern.
Red Fez
Sailor’s CapWin the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice.
Santa HatReach 5-heart friend level with 10 people
Skeleton MaskDefeat 50 Skeletons
Small CapGinger Island Trader on Mondays in exchange for 30 Taro Roots
SombreroEarn 10,000,000g
Sou’westerCatch 10 different fish
Space HelmetReach the bottom of the Dangerous Mines
Sports CapCan be won from Mayor Lewis Prize Machine
Spotted HeadscarfTailoring
Squid HatReward for catching 10 Squid during the second day of SquidFest
Squire’s HelmetRandom drop from Metal Heads enemies
Star HelmetTailoring
Steel PanPlace the Steel Pan in the hat slot in the character menu
Straw HatWin the egg hunt at the Egg Festival
Swashbuckler HatTailoring
TiaraReach 5-heart friend level with 4 people
Tiger HatRandom drop from Tiger Slime enemies
Top HatPurchase from Qi’s Casino for 8,000 Qi Coins
Totem MaskTailoring
TropiclipUpgrade your house
Trucker HatCraft 30 different items
Warrior HelmetTailoring
Watermelon BandCatch 100 Fish
Wearable Dwarf HelmetTailoring
White BowHelp your forest neighbors grow their family.
White Turban– Tailoring
– Random treasure chests drop in the Skull Cavern.
Witch HatTailoring

How to Put Hats on Player

Image showing how to equip hats in Stardew Valley's hat slot.
Hat equip slot.

Hats can be equipped on either your farmer, horse, or child. To equip a hat on your farmer open the inventory screen and look at your farmer portrait. Next to the portraits borders are clothing items. The top right is for hats. Select the hat you want to equip and place it into the hat spot to equip it on your farmer.

How to Put Hats on Kids, the Horse, Rarecrows, and Pets

If putting a hat on your farmer isn’t enough for you kids, the horse, Rarecrows, and Pets can have hats equipped on them. To put hats on any of the mentioned characters place the hat in your active items bar. Highlight the hat in your bar and right-click on the child/horse/rarecrow/pet and the hat will be placed on their head.

Once the hat is on their head the only way of getting is to use another hat to pop it off. This means you should only place hats on kids, the horse, or Rarecrows when you have other hats available to you. Otherwise the hat remains stuck on their heads until you can pop it off with another hat.

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