Stardew Valley Hats Guide: Where to Get and How to Unlock

In Stardew Valley there are a few ways for players to upgrade the look of their farmers. The first method is through clothing and the second method is through hats. Hats are an interesting group of unlockable cosmetic items players can equip on themselves or their horses. To learn more about them here’s our complete Stardew Valley hats guide.

Where to Buy Hats in SDV?

Before diving into each of the hats and how you unlock them it’s important to know where to buy hats in the game. The hat vendor in the game lives in the abandoned house directly south of your farm in Cindersnap Forest. This character appears after you’ve acquired your first achievement. The mouse that sells the hats is called Hat Mouse. Hat Mouse will send you a letter when it has opened up its shop. To buy a hat speak to the mouse.

All Hat Unlocks in SDV

When you first speak to the Hat Mouse you will notice it has a fairly low inventory of hats. This is by design. Hats in the game are unlocked by completing certain milestones. Once the milestone is completed the Hat Mouse will add the hat to its inventory. Each hat costs 1,000G.

Hat/MaskHow to Unlock
Good Ol’ CapEarn 15,000g.
Lucky BowEarn 50,000g.
Cool CapEarn 250,000g.
Bowler HatEarn 1,000,000g.
SombreroEarn 10,000,000g.
Blue BonnetDonate 40 unique items to the museum.
Cowboy HatComplete the museum collection.
Butterfly BowReach 5-heart friend level with someone.
Mouse EarsReach 10-heart friend level with someone.
Cat EarsReach 10-heart friend level with 8 people.
TiaraReach 5-heart friend level with 4 people.
Santa HatReach 5-heart friend level with 10 people.
EarmuffsReach 5-heart friend level with 20 people.
Delicate BowCook 10 different recipes.
Plum ChapeauCook 25 different recipes.
Archer’s CapCook every recipe.
TropiclipUpgrade your house.
Hunter’s CapUpgrade your house to max size.
DaisyCraft 15 different items.
Trucker HatCraft 30 different items.
Gnome’s CapCraft every item.
Sou’westerCatch 10 different fish.
Official CapCatch 24 different fish.
Eye PatchCatch every fish.
Watermelon BandCatch 100 fish.
Polka BowComplete 10 Help Wanted requests.
Chicken MaskComplete 40 Help Wanted requests.
Cowpoke HatShip 15 of each crop.
Cowgal HatShip 300 of one crop.
Goblin MaskShip every item.
Chef HatCook every recipe.
Straw HatWin the egg hunt at the Egg Festival.
Sailor’s CapWin the fishing competition at the Festival of Ice.
Elegant TurbanEarn all other achievements.

To purchase all of the above listed hats will cost you 34,000g. You will have enough money to purchase all hats as you progress through the achievements.

How to Equip Hats on Farmer

Image showing how to equip hats in Stardew Valley's hat slot.
Hat equip slot.

Hats can be equipped on either your farmer, horse, or child. To equip a hat on your farmer open the inventory screen and look at your farmer portrait. Next to the portraits borders are clothing items. The top right is for hats. Select the hat you want to equip and place it into the hat spot to equip it on your farmer.

How to Put Hats on Kids, the Horse, and Rarecrows

Image showing placing a hat onto a child in Stardew Valley.
Hat on child.

If putting a hat on your farmer isn’t enough for you kids, the horse, and Rarecrows can have hats equipped on them. To put hats on any of the mentioned characters place the hat in your active items bar. Highlight the hat in your bar and right-click on the child/horse/rarecrow and the hat will be placed on their head.

Once the hat is on their head the only way of getting is to use another hat to pop it off. This means you should only place hats on kids, the horse, or Rarecrows when you have other hats available to you. Otherwise the hat remains stuck on their heads until you can pop it off with another hat.

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