Stardew Valley Mystery Boxes Detailed

Mystery Box delivery cutscene in Stardew Valley.

In Stardew Valley’s Update 1.6, Mystery Boxes were introduced as new drop crates. Players can open these crates to receive a wide variety of useful items to aid them in their farming adventure. Read on for more details on Mystery Boxes and their contents.

How to Get Mystery Boxes

Mystery Boxes begin to appear in a player’s game after they’ve triggered a random sleeping cutscene. During this cutscene, Mr. Qi flies over the valley in an airplane, dropping Mystery Box items from his plane. Once the cutscene ends, the words “Mystery Boxes can now be found…” appear on the screen, indicating that players can now collect these items.

After this cutscene, you can start collecting the Mystery Boxes for yourself. Engaging in various activities presents a chance for these boxes to drop. This includes fishing, mining, digging artifact spots, combat, dropped from trains, and even using Mayor Lewis’ Prize Machine—all of which have the potential to yield Mystery Box drops.

You can also obtain boxes as rewards from different festivals. The Trout Derby, SquidFest, and the Desert Festival all offer Mystery Box rewards for participants.

Golden Mystery Boxes

The cutscene involving Mr. Qi marks the introduction of standard Mystery Boxes. However, players can also find a superior variant called Golden Mystery Boxes. To start obtaining Golden Mystery Boxes, players must unlock the Foraging Mastery in the Mastery Cave.

Players can obtain Golden Mystery Boxes, which are upgraded versions of the standard Mystery Box, while engaging in various gameplay activities. When opened, Golden Mystery Boxes yield superior items compared to regular Mystery Boxes.

How to Open Mystery and Golden Mystery Boxes

The Blacksmith opening Mystery Boxes in Stardew Valley.
Blacksmith Clint will open Mystery Boxes for you.

To open Mystery Boxes, you need to visit the Blacksmith in Pelican Town and have him open them for you. Just like Geodes, there’s a 25g fee for each box you open. Upon opening a Mystery Box, you’ll receive a random reward, with the contents varying each time.

Mystery Box and Golden Mystery Box Rewards

Whenever you open a Mystery Box or Golden Mystery Box, you’ll receive a reward. These rewards vary in rarity and usefulness, from standard materials to rare apparel items.

Mystery Box Rewards

  • ? Wallpaper
  • Amethyst Ring
  • Autumn’s Bounty
  • Baked Fish
  • Bean Hotpot
  • Bean Starter x8
  • Blueberry Tart
  • Book of Mysteries
  • Book of Stars
  • Bombs x5
  • Chowder
  • Coffee x3
  • Cookies
  • Corn Seeds x8
  • Crab Cakes
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Deluxe Speed-Gro x10
  • Fish Stew
  • Fried Mushroom
  • Hashbrowns
  • Hardwood x10
  • Jade Ring
  • Life Elixir x2
  • Lucky Lunch
  • Maki Roll
  • Maple Bar
  • Mixed Flower Seeds x10
  • Mixed Seeds x10
  • Mystery Box x2
  • Mystery Hat
  • Mystery Shirt
  • Omelet
  • Parsnip Soup
  • Peach Sapling
  • Pepper Seeds x8
  • Pomegranate Sapling
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Quality Fertilizer x20
  • Radish Seeds x8
  • Rice Pudding
  • Shrimp Cocktail
  • Spaghetti
  • Sturdy Ring
  • Stuffing
  • Strange Bun
  • Tom Kha Soup
  • Treasure Chest
  • Warp Totem: Beach
  • Warp Totem: Farm
  • Warp Totem: Mountains
  • Wheat Seeds x8

Golden Mystery Box Rewards

  • ? Wallpaper
  • Apple Sapling
  • Auto-Petter
  • Bait and Bobber
  • Book of Stars
  • Cherry Sapling
  • Combat Quarterly
  • Cork Bobber
  • Corn Seeds x20
  • Deluxe Speed-Gro x20
  • Dish O’ The Sea x2
  • Dressed Spinner
  • Golden Animal Cracker
  • Golden Pumpkin
  • Life Elixir x2
  • Lucky Lunch x2
  • Mega Bomb x5
  • Mystery Box x3-5
  • Mystery Hat
  • Ossified Blade
  • Pearl
  • Pepper Seeds x20
  • Pomegranate Sapling
  • Quality Fertilizer x20
  • Quality Sprinkler
  • Ruby Ring
  • Stardew Valley Almanac
  • Summer Squash Seeds x8
  • Triple Shot Espresso x3
  • Warp Totem: Farm
  • Woodcutter’s Weekly

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