Stardew Valley SquidFest Explainer

Stardew Valley SquidFest on the beach.

Stardew Valley SquidFest is one of two mini-festivals that was added to the game in Update 1.6. This mini-festival tasks players with catch Squids for two days and then turning them in for for rewards. For complete details about this event see our Stardew Valley SquidFest guide below.

When and Where is SquidFest in Stardew Valley

SquidFest takes place during Winter on the days of the 12 & 13 between 6:10am-2:00am. You will receive a notification when the event begins on the 12th. During these two days, a fisherman sets up a tent in the northwest corner of the in the Beach area. Next to this tent is a large sign that reads “SquidFest”, making it fairly hard to miss.

It’s important to note that because this is a mini-festival, the town remains open. Non-villagers participate in the event, so all the villagers maintain their normal schedules.

How to Compete in SquidFest in Stardew Valley

During SquidFest, players fish in the Ocean to capture Squids, earning 1 point for every successful catch. These points are exchangeable with the fisherman for various rewards, with there being daily limits of 8 & 12 points that can be redeemed on day 1 and day 2.

To improve your odds of catching Squid, you can use various fishing buffs. This means you can do things like eat fish enhancing meals, use Deluxe or Squid Bait, use the Sonar Bobber, and so on to increase your chances of catching a lot of Squid over the event’s two days.

SquidFest Rewards

To claim the SquidFest rewards, visit the Fisherman and turn in your Squid Points. On the board to the left of the Fisherman’s huts, each number corresponds to one or more rewards. You can turn in your points individually or all at once, making it faster to hit the daily points limit and then claim your prizes. The rewards available for claim using Squid points are as follows:

Day 1 Winter 12 SquidFest Prizes

TierPoints (Squids Caught)Rewards
Bronze1Deluxe Bait x20
Silver3– 10x Winter Seeds or 2x Mystery Boxes
– Dish O’ The Sea
Gold5– Pearl
– 3x Coffee
Iridium8– Squid Kid (Furniture)
– The Art O’ Crabbing (Book)*

Day 2 Winter 13 SquidFest Prizes

TierPoints (Squids Caught)Rewards
Bronze2Trap Bobber
Silver5– 15x Winter Seeds or 3x Mystery Boxes
– Dish O’ The Sea
Gold7– Treasure Chest
– 3x Triple Shot Espresso
Iridium10– Squid Hat (Hat)
– The Art O’ Crabbing (Book)*

*If the player already has The Art O’ Crabbing book it is switched out for 3x Mystery Boxes and 1x Seafoam Pudding instead.

Like other events the SquidFest runs every year. This means you can earn all of the available rewards over the course of multiple years. Never fear there is always next year!

This is just one of multiple new additions to Stardew Valley that were added in Update 1.6. A major new addition is the inclusion of Masteries which can be used to unlock better endgame items & perks. Check out our Mastery guide for details on that system.

Thoughts on our Stardew Valley SquidFest festival guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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