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In Stardew Valley Update 1.6 there is a new item type called books that was added to the game. Books, when read, give the player additional bonuses across various gameplay categories. There are a total of 26 books players can buy or find in the game. Our Stardew Valley books list below features all books in the game, their rewards, and how to get them.

How to Unlock All Books in Stardew Valley

The majority of books can be bought from the Bookseller, who visits Pelican Town twice a season on random days. During his visits, he offers a random selection of books for purchase. However, not every book can be bought from him, as some require more specific methods of acquisition to be obtained and used.

How to Get Books of Power

There are 19 Books of Power that players can unlock. When read, each of these books unlocks a specific perk for the player. These books are one-time use, and perks can only be unlocked once per playthrough. The progress of your Books of Power collection is tracked in the Special Items & Powers menu. Additionally, a thumbs-up icon appears on these books in your inventory or shop inventory if you’ve already read one.

BookDescriptionHow to Get
Animal CatalogeYou can access Marnie’s shop when she’s not around.Buy from Marnie for 5,000g
Book of MysteriesYou have a slightly greater chance to find Mystery Boxes.Random Golden Mystery Boxes drop
Dwarvish Safety ManualBombs deal 25% less damage to you.Buy from the Dwarf for 4,000g
Friendship 101You become friends with people a little faster.– Buy from Bookseller for 20,000g
Prize Machine Prize in Lewis House
Horse: The BookYou gain a little extra speed when riding a horse.Buy from Bookseller for 25,000g
Jack Be Nimble, Jack Be ThickGain +1 Defense.– Buy from Bookseller for 20,000g
– Random Artifact Spots drop
Jewels of the SeaFishing treasure chests have a chance to yield roe.– Buy from Bookseller for 20,000g
– Random Fishing Treasure drop
Mapping Cave SystemsYou get a 50% discount on Marlon’s item retrieval service.Located in present in back room of Adventurer’s Guild
Monster CompendiumMonsters have a small chance to drop double loot.Random Monster drop
Ol’ SlitherlegsYou will now run a lot faster through grass and crops.Buy from Bookseller for 25,000g
Price CatalogueYou can now see the value of your items.Buy from Bookseller for 3,000g
The Alleyway BuffetYou have a greater chance to find items in the trash.Located in the Golden Trash can through the hole in the fence to the east of the Lockbox
The Art O’CrabbingCrab pots have a 25% chance to yield double.Reward for catching 8/12 Squid during SquidFest.
The Diamond HunterAll stones have a chance to drop a diamond when mined by hand.Buy from the Dwarf in the Volcano Dungeon for 10 Diamonds
Treasure Appraisal GuideYou will fetch a better price when selling artifacts.– Buy from the Bookseller for 20,000g
– Random Mystery Boxes drop
– Random Artifact Troves drop
Raccoon JournalWeeds have a greater chance to yield mixed seeds.– Complete the second Raccoon request
– Buy from Raccoon Shop for 999x Fiber
Way of the Wind Pt. 1You run a little bit faster.Buy from Bookseller for 15,000g
Way of the Wind Pt. 2You run a little bit faster.Buy from Bookseller after buying part 1 for 35,000g
Woody’s SecretFelled trees have a 5% chance to yield double the wood.Random drop from chopping trees

How to Get Skill Books

There are 7 Skill Books that players can unlock. Unlike the Books of Power, these books function differently. While also one-time use, they can be repeatedly reacquired and read again to receive their rewards. Each time you read one of these books your receive 250+ XP in that specific skill (good for Mastery levelling). There is no tracking system for these books.

BookDescriptionHow to Get
Bait and BobberRead this to gain some fishing experience.– Buy from Bookseller for 5,000g
– Random Artifact Spots drop
– Random Golden Mystery Boxes drop
– Random Fishing Treasure Chests drop
Book of StarsRead this to gain some experience in all skills.– Buy from Bookseller for 15,000g
– Fourth Raccoon request reward
Combat QuarterlyRead this to gain some combat experience.– Buy from Bookseller for 5,000g
– Random Fishing Treasure Chest drop
– Random Golden Mystery Boxes drop
Mining MonthlyRead this to gain some mining experience.– Buy from Bookseller for 8,000g
– Random Golden Mystery Boxes drop
Prize Machine Prize in Lewis House
Queen of Sauce CookbookLearn any Queen Of Sauce recipes that you don’t already know.Buy from Bookseller for 10,000g
Stardew Valley AlmanacRead this to gain some farming experience.– Buy from Bookseller for 10,000g
Prize Machine Prize in Lewis House
Woodcutter’s WeeklyRead this to gain some foraging experience.– Buy from Bookseller for 8,000g
– Buy from Travelling Cart
– Buy from merchant at the Desert Festival
– Random drop while cutting down trees

What to Do With Books in Stardew Valley

When you acquire a book in Stardew Valley, you must read it to unlock its perk or passive bonus. To do this, place the book on your action bar and select it. Use the book as you would any other consumable item. Your character will read the book, and you’ll receive a brief message stating what you’ve unlocked.

f you’ve acquired any books that you’ve already read or don’t wish to read, you can dispose of them in a couple of ways. The Bookseller offers a trade-in service that provides gold or unique items in exchange. If you don’t want to wait for that NPC to appear, you can trash them, sell them, or place them in a chest never to be read.

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