Where to Find The Alleyway Buffet in Stardew Valley

Farmer getting The Alleyway Buffett book from the Golden Trashcan.

In Stardew Valley, players can come across various hidden books scattered throughout the valley. Among these is The Alleyway Buffet. To add it to their collection of Books of Power, players need to locate it. If you’re wondering where to find The Alleyway Buffet in Stardew Valley, follow our guide below.

Where Can You Find The Alleyway Buffet Book?

To find The Alleyway Buffet book, you need to locate a special Golden Trashcan hidden in Pelican Town. This trashcan is a bit off the beaten path, residing outside of the east portion of town between the Blacksmith and JojaMart. Before proceeding ensure you have at least a Steel Axe and Pickaxe before proceeding.

To reach the Golden Trashcan, follow these directions and refer to the screenshots above:

  1. Walk north of the minecart by the Blacksmith’s
  2. Stop at the leaves of the first tree on your right that are covering the fence.
  3. Walk to the east through the hole in the fence blocked by the top leaves.
  4. Go right until you reach the log. Destroy it.
  5. Head up. Destroy the boulder in your way.
  6. Continue up to the dead end.

At the dead end you will see a tree on your right. Walk to the right so you are standing behind it. You will see the Golden Trashcan revealed behind it. Interact with the trashcan to open it and receive the The Alleyway Buffet Book.

What Perk Does The Alleyway Buffet Book Provide?

The Alleyway Buffet is one of the 19 Books of Power available in the game. Reading it unlocks a special perk that makes players have a greater chance to find items in the trash. Once the book is read, the unlocked perk remains permanently available to the player.

The Alleyway Buffet is just one of the many books players can find in Stardew Valley Update 1.6. For comprehensive tracking of all available books, refer to our Books list, which provides details on how to obtain each one. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the Bookseller character, who sells various books to the farmer.

Did our guide help you locate The Alleyway Buffet in Stardew Valley? Let us know in the comments below.



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