Stardew Valley Bookseller

The Bookseller in Stardew Valley.

The Stardew Valley Bookseller is a merchant that was added to the game in Update 1.6. This merchant sells Books to the player which can be used to unlock special bonus perks or experience when read. To learn more about the Stardew Valley Bookseller, including when and where he arrives, read the guide below.

When and Where Does the Bookseller Come in Stardew Valley

The Bookseller makes two seasonal visits to Stardew Valley on random days. You can identify his arrival by checking the Calendar; he is denoted by a hot air balloon icon on his visiting days. Upon his arrival, a notification will pop up on the lower corner of the screen when you wake up, indicating he is in Pelican Town.

The Bookseller Map location in Stardew Valley.
The Bookseller lands behind JojaMart/the Movie Theater when he arrives.

When the Bookseller is in town, you’ll find him in the area just northeast behind JojaMart/the Movie Theater. Look for a staircase leading up to a clearing, where the Bookseller’s hot air balloon has landed. He stays in this area for the full day from 6:00am-2:00am.

Note: In the small fenced area behind the Bookseller’s shop there is a present you can open to snag yourself one Prize Ticket to use in the Prize Machine in Lewis’s House.

What Does the Bookseller Do in Stardew Valley?

The Bookseller specializes in selling books to the player. Each day he visits, he introduces a new rotation of books for sale. When a player purchases and reads one of these books, they receive a permanent perk or experience depending on the book. For more information on the books available in Stardew Valley, refer to our books list.

Bookseller Trade In Books Value

In addition to selling books, the Bookseller offers players the opportunity to trade in any books they’ve found while playing. The trade-in value of the books typically results in receiving some type of item related in some way to the book’s content or gold.

This is just one of multiple new additions to Stardew Valley that was made in Update 1.6. Check out our guides on the two mini-festivals: Trout Derby and SquidFest. Or learn more about the special Green Rain weather event.

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