Stardew Valley Green Rain

Demetrius wearing a hazmat suit in Stardew Valley during the Green Rain weather event.

Stardew Valley Green Rain is a unique weather event introduced in Update 1.6. As the name implies, this event transforms the rain into a haunting shade of green, lending an eerie atmosphere to the valley. Beyond its visual impact, Green Rain brings about significant occurrences. To delve into the details of Green Rain in Stardew Valley, refer to our guide below.

When Does the Green Rain Weather Event Happen in Stardew Valley?

Green Rain occurs once annually during the Summer season on day 5, 6, 7, 14, 15, 16, 18, or 23. The day before this weather event, your television’s Weather Channel delivers an enigmatic forecast: “Um… There appears to be some kind of… anomalous reading… I… don’t know what this means…” accompanied by green static on the screen, foreshadowing the impending arrival of the Green Rain the following day.

What Does Green Rain do in Stardew Valley?

When you wake up on the day of Green Rain, you’ll notice an eerie green filter enveloping the screen, accompanied by the message “a green rain has descended upon the valley” in the bottom left corner, serving as a clear indicator of the event. Stepping outside, you’ll find that the rain has turned green, and the valley is undergoing strange changes. The main effects of Green Rain are:

Changes Villager Interactions and Daily Routines

Stardew Valley Villagers in the Stardrop Saloon due to Green Rain in the valley.
During Year 1 the Villagers gather out of fear of the Green Rain.

In Year 1, Green Rain sparks a village-wide panic among the Villagers. They either remain indoors or gather at the Stardrop Saloon. Notably, Demetrius wears a hazmat suit to brave the rain for scientific study. Normal daily activities come to a halt as the Villagers try to understand the situation. Speaking with the Villagers during this time reveals their various theories and opinions about the rain.

In subsequent years, the panic dissipates among the Villagers, who now perceive the rain as a blessing. They resume their normal schedules, with shops and other services operating as usual.

Causes Wild Growth to Occur in The Valley

The Wild Growth tree and Fiddlehead Tree in Stardew Valley.
Wild growth and Fiddlehead Trees appear during Green Rain.

During the Green Rain event, there’s a surge in wild growth, resulting in an abundance of wild trees and weeds across the valley. Destroying this growth enables players to collect large amounts of Moss material. Additionally, special Fiddlehead Fern trees emerge during this event, providing Fiddlehead Ferns when chopped down. The growth disappears for weeds, while trees revert back to normal, when the next day arrives.

The Green Rain weather event is one of the more interesting new additions in Stardew Valley Update 1.6. This event is not the only new thing that has been added. Check out our Prismatic Butterfly and Turtle pet guides for help with some of the new content.

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